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PMM Metrics

Objective: Manage and track the velocity of the PMM team.

At GitLab, we ship MVC and iterate quickly to deliver value. The true measure of product marketing is in how effectively customers are able to understand how Gitlab can help solve their problems. We aspire to measure the value of our activities, but the first start is capturing and tracking our activities. (which hopefully are aligned to business value)


We intend to use GitLab to capture key PMM activities / deliverables in order to track, visualize, and measure our velocity. We will use labels to clearly tag specific issues as they relate to the following high level PMM activities:

For MVC, we'll start with a handful of exclusive TOP level project labels in the Product Marketing project

Topic Details Label
Analyst Relations briefings, reports, inquiry pmm::AR
Customer Relations Cab, case studies pmm::Cust
Digital marketing blogs, webinars, videos, whitepapers pmm::Digital
Enablement sales,xdr, partner, etc pmm::Enable
Events speaking, booth, writing abstracts, , etc pmm::Event
Research market research, drafting studies, documenting pmm::Research
Presentation building, and updating decks pitch deck, product deck, etc pmm::Deck
PR briefing, press release, etc pmm::PR
Sales Support Specific sales support meetings, slides, etc pmm::Sales
Web updates handbook, product page, solution page, etc pmm::Web

In the future we MIGHT opt to add more detailed sub categories… but not at first.

Other key labels will be Region (East,West, EMEA, APJ, LATAM, Pub Sector, WW, etc ) and DevOps Stage

Boards and workflow

  1. Any of the PMM work that applies to one of the defined PMM activities will be tracked via a simple issue in the Product marketing project.
  2. The issue will describe the deliverable, key dates, dependencies, and related issues.
  3. The issue will have ONE of the above PMM activity categories associated with it.
  4. The issue will have a label for the STAGE it supports
  5. The issue will have a label for the NEXT Group Conversation where we will share. We'll use the Month/Year of the GC as a label. (GC-June19, GC-Aug19, etc)
  6. We might label issues for which Sales region it supports (WW, East,West, EMEA,APAC, LATAM, PubSector, Commercial, etc.)
  7. The workflow will be one of four steps
    1. unassigned backlog
    2. status:plan - assigned to someone and in the backlog
    3. status:wip - we're doing it now
    4. status:completed in quarter - it's done
    5. closed


In the weekly PMM call, the team will review our current PMM board. What is in the backlog, what WIP is in flight, and whatever we've completed.

Reporting and Tracking.

  1. We can set up a quarterly milestone to track PMM quarterly work.
  2. We also can set up an Insights dashboard using GitLab Insights which will give us visibility into work completed. Such as: Stacked Bar


bar chart


Pie Chart