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Most commonly used sales resources

The purpose of this page is to be a quick reference to help the sales team navigate and find resources to help them be more efficient and effective. This is NOT every possible resource, but a curated list of what we believe is most valuable. If you find a broken link - either update it or contact the PMM team. Ultimately, these resources should ALL be available on our main resources page. This is a work in progress resource. Sales Team: if you have comments, suggestions, or feedback about this page, this issue- #366 is open for ongoing feedback.

Command of the Message

Pricing and tiers

GitLab Use Cases

Here is a list of GitLab use cases. Visit the Use case handbook page for the full list.

Presentations and Messaging

Help with RFPs

GitLab by the Stages

Key resources by stage.





Verify, Package, Release, Configure

Customers aren't going to think about or ask for different "stages". They are going to say things like

CI/CD Resources



Analyst Reports

White Papers

Key Whitepapers:


Customer References


Here are links to a few KEY comparisons and then a link to main comparison page where over 50 comparisons are available.


Getting Started with GitLab (Services)


The ROI calculator is a work in progress - welcome contributions.

Social Selling Basics