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Usecase: Template

Who to contact

xyz abc

Use case

Define and describe the use case in customer terms. Reference the customer use case page


User Persona

Who are the users (a few remarks and link to the persona page)

Buyer Personas

Who are the buyers

Analyst Coverage

List key analyst coverage of this use case

Market Requirements

Requirement Description Typical features Value
abc def ghi jkl

Top 3-5 Differentiators and Key Features

Differentiator Value Proof Point
abc def ghi

Message House

The message house for the use case provides a structure to describe and discuss the value and differentiators for the use case.

Discovery Questions

Competitive Comparison

TBD - will be a comparison grid leveraging the capabilities

Industry Analyst Relations (IAR) Plan (UPDATE AS NEEDED FOR THIS USECASE)

For a list of analysts with a current understanding of GitLab's capabilities for this use case, please reach out to Analyst Relations via Slack (#analyst-relations) or by submitting an issue and selecting the "AR-Analyst-Validation" template.

Proof Points - customers

Quotes and reviews

Case Studies

References to help you close


Key Value (at tiers)






Whitepapers and infographics

Videos (including basic demo videos)

Integrations Demo Videos

Clickthrough & Live Demos

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