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Laura Duggan's README

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Laura Duggan's README

Laura Duggan, Frontend Engineer

This page is intended to help others understand what it might be like to work with me, especially people who haven’t worked with me before.

Please feel free to contribute to this page by opening a merge request.

About me

I'm a frontend developer originally educated in UX and product design. I attended a coding bootcamp, fell in love with CSS, and the rest is history. If you're into accessible design and execution, I'm sure we'll be great friends.

Here's a conference talk I did at ForwardJS on the elements of a design system that developers love.

Impactful Books

Myers-Briggs Personality type

"The Defender" (ISFJ-A / ISFJ-T)


Communication Preferences

Message me on slack, send me an email, tag me in an issue - I like when things are written down and documented, since sometimes I don't trust my own memory. If we discuss something on a zoom call, I will likely post a summary of anything we agreed upon for my own recollection.

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