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Michael Preuss' README (Senior Manager, Digital Experience)

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Michael Preuss’ README

Hi 👋 my name is Michael Preuss. My last name is pronounced like Rolls Royce … Royce … Proyce … Preuss. I know, it's German 🤷‍♂️ I'm the Senior Manager, Digital Experience at GitLab.

About Me

Myers-Briggs Personality type:

🔗“The Protagonist” (ENFJ-A)

Individual traits:

Mind: 51% Extraverted

Energy: 59% Intuitive

Nature: 57% Feeling

Tactics: 54% Judging

Identity: 65% Assertive

DiSC Profile

🔗Di: Driver


Blind spots (I'm working on these, please call me out if you're affected by any!)

10 Books On My Bookshelf

  1. Thinking Fast and Slow
  2. Tribal Leadership
  3. Predictably Irrational
  4. Trillion Dollar Coach
  5. Setting the Table
  6. Empowered
  7. Inspired
  8. Thanks for the Feedback
  9. Radical Candor
  10. Principles

Working With Me


Typical Behaviours

Self Development: I have a positive attitude toward personal growth and development. I'm motivated to make contributions and exercise professional or managerial responsibility. 🤝 Collaboration & 👣 Iteration & 📈 Results

Corporate Adaptability: I'm positively committed to relationships and organizational goals necessary for advancing in the organization and corporate structure / culture. I'm dedicated to and identify with the corporate initiatives that require significant individual and team commitment. 🤝 Collaboration & 👣 Iteration & 📈 Results

Social Adaptability: I'm adaptable to people, social situations, corporate and legal rules. I have a positive attitude toward others, and an ability to withstand extended stress. I meets unexpected changes in an optimistic, tolerant manner, and extend trust to others easily. 🤝 Collaboration & 🌐 Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging & 👁️ Transparency

Social Responsibility: I value and support social conventions in my own social groups. I provide and support stability in work, family, legal and social relationships. 🌐 Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging & 👁️ Transparency

Detail: I have the ability to give myself wholly to new things or to follow the pattern, whichever is most appropriate. ⏱️ Efficiency & 👣 Iteration & 📈 Results

Linear-ish: My preference is for combining organized and systematic methods with a flexibility of approach. 🤝 Collaboration & 👣 Iteration & 📈 Results

Conceptual: I utilize abstract information, experience, intuition, and knowledge to find fresh and imaginative solutions. 🤝 Collaboration & 👣 Iteration & 🌐 Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging & 👁️ Transparency & 📈 Results

Communication Style

Management Style

Coach and Situational Leader

What I Do

How I Do It


Coaching Me


Life is short, we're all trying our best, so let's make awesome sh*t together.

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