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Sanmi Ayotunde Ajanaku's README

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Sanmi (pronounced "Sun-Me") Ayotunde Ajanaku's README

Hi there! I'm Sanmi, pronounced as "Sun :sunny: Me", which means "Favored by God". I am a Frontend Engineer and you will love working with me.

Growing up…

I was born and raised in Osun State, Nigeria, West Africa. As a very young boy, even though I grew up in the village and the local streets of Ilesa, I had many fantastic dreams. I was one of the few who luckily got introduced to computers at a very tender age in the late 90s. Around 2002, my Dad bought a computer for his printing press company. He employed a graphics designer, but to my dad and everyone's shock, I replace her in just a few months because I have been spending nights and day hacking my way into the computer without them noticing.


I started my first IT company in high school, and this developed my strange passion for computers and self-learning. I have spent all my life self-learning, even though I have a Bachelors's and masters in Computer Science, but my quest for knowledge and programming is unsatiable.

My Career

I've spent my career in and around web development, mobile app development, startups, advertising, and customer journey transformation. Having worked with startups, B2B, B2C companies, including top Fortune 500s. I have developed a taste of understanding what users want online and how to give it to them easily and quickly.


My current role and tools?

About me


How I communicate

My working style

I will be updating this page more and more.


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