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Field Marketing

Field Marketing

The role of field marketing is to support marketing messages at a regional level through in-person interactions (quality vs. quantity) coupled with multi-touch activities. Field Marketing programs are focused on relationship building with customers and prospects to support land and expand opportunities as well as pulling pipeline through the funnel more quickly.

Account Based Marketing

The account based marekting team is a sub group of field marketing. For info on account based marketing, please see the ABM page.

Types of programs Field Marketing runs

GitLab Owned Field Events

GitLab Connect

GitLab Connect is a full or half day event with both customers and prospects in attendance sharing stories & lessons learned about GitLab. SAL's will be responsible for asking customers to speak and Marketing, through a combination of SDR outreach, database and ad geotargeting will drive attendance to the event. If you would like to propose a GitLab Connect in your city, please open an issue in the Marketing - Field Marketing project using the AMER_Event_Request_Template for AMER events or the Field Event_GitLabConnect template for all other regions. Interested in seeing a GitLab Connect in action? Check it out.

To see how we handle GitLab owned events from a Marketing Programs standpoint, please head over to their handbook page

GitLab run workshops

Field Marketers will work with Product Marketing & Technical Product Marketing to put together various types of workshops depending on the needs of the region. Workshops available to date can be found here.

3rd party events

We will sponsor regional 3rd party events in an effort to build the GitLab brand and also to gather leads. Different type of 3rd part events include, but are not limited to:

To see how we handle GitLab owned events from a Marketing Programs standpoint, please head over to their handbook page

Field Event Goals

Vendors who we work with in AMER

We sometimes work with third party vendors for outreach, event production etc. Below is a list of whom we work with currently and the epic that tracks whom we have evaluated/worked with in the past.

GitLab Company Information (Including Tax ID)

Useful Company Information

Corporate Memberships owned by GitLab Field Marketing

What's currently scheduled in my region?

Region FM DRI GitLab User ID
AMER East NE & SE Ginny Reib @GReib
AMER East-Central Jake Sorensen @JSorensen
AMER West Rich Hancock @rhancock
AMER Public Sector Helen Ortel @Hortel
APAC Pete Huynh @Phuynh
EMEA Southern Europe Tina Morwani @tmorwani
EMEA MEA Tina Morwani @tmorwani
EMEA Northern Europe & Russia Kristine Setschin @ksetschin
EMEA UK/I Kristine Setschin @ksetschin
EMEA Central Europe & CEE Jeffrey Smits @jsmits

NOTE to see the full list of events, you need to be logged into your GitLab account. There are times we make issues private.

To find out what upcoming events GitLab will be involved in please visit our Events Page. If you have any questions or an event suggestion please review how to suggest an event at GitLab

For details on how we handle events & how to suggest an event for your region(corporate or field, please check out this page).

Field Marketing Labels in GitLab

The Field Marketing team works from issues and issue boards. If you need our assistance with any project, please open an issue and use the Field Marketing label anywhere within the GitLab repo.

General Field Marketing Labels:
Field Marketing: Issue initially created, used in templates, the starting point for any issue that involves Field Marketing
FY20-Q4: What event or activity is set to take place or be due in this quarter
FY21-Q1, FY21-Q2, FY21-Q3, FY21-Q4: What event or activity is set to take place or be due in this quarter

Regional Field Marketing Labels:

APAC: Issues that are related to the APAC sales team
EMEA: Issues that are related to the EMEA sales team
Southern Europe: Issues that are related to the EMEA Southern Europe (France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus) sales team
MEA: Issues that are related to the EMEA MEA (Middle East & Africa) sales team
East: Issues that are related to the East sales team
East - Central: Issues that are related to the US East-Central sales team
East - NE: Issues that are related to the US East- NE sales team
East - SE: Issues that are related to the East-SE sales team
WEST: Issues that are related to the US West sales team
WEST - Bay Area: Related to the US WEST Bay Area sales team
WEST - BigSky: Issues that are related to the US WEST Midwest sales team
WEST - FM Planning: Issues related to West FM planning
WEST - FMM: Issues related to the West FMM
WEST - PacNorWest: Issues that are related to the US WEST Pacific North West sales team
WEST - SW: Issues that are related to the US WEST Southwest and SoCal sales team
Public Sector: Issues that are related to the Public Sector sales team
FMM-PubSec: What issues are related to field, corp, channel, partner marketing in the US PubSec
FMC AMER: Issues related to the FMC AMER
FMC AMER - Event Tracking: Event/deadline tracking related to FMC AMER
FMC AMER - Swag: FMC AMER tracking for swag requests
FMC EMEA - Event Tracking: Event/deadline tracking related to FMC EMEA

For more information on how Field Marketing utilizes GitLab for agile project management, please visit Marketing Project Management Guidelines.

Field Marketing Communications

Async Status Updates

Since we are a remote company, we utilize a Slack plugin called Geekbot to coordinate status updates. Field Marketing world wide currently conducts 1 weekly standup. Geekbot shares this update in the public #fieldmarketing slack room.

Weekly Status Update

The Weekly Status Update is configured to run at 10 AM local time on Monday, and contains 5 questions:

  1. What was your favorite part of the weekend?

    The goal with this question is for you to get to know your colleagues and for you to be able to share what excited you from the previous few days when you weren't working.

  2. What's happening in your life?

    Is there anything you'd like the team to know about what's going in your life? Feel free to share as much or as little as you feel comfortable sharing.

  3. Are you traveling anywhere this week? If so, where and why.

    As Field Marketers, we travel up to 50% of the time. Sharing where you are is important, especially if are in a different timezone.

  4. What are your top 1-3 priorities for the next week?

    These top 3 priorities should be focused on what you plan to accomplish that week.

  5. Anything blocking your progress?

    Of those 1-3 items listed, do you need any roadblocks removed in order to accomplish the priorities?

You will be notified via the Geekbot plug in on slack at 10 AM your local time on Mondays, as stated above. Its important to note, that unless you answer all 5 questoins in the Geekbot plug in, your answers will NOT be shared with your colleagues, so please be sure to complete all 5 questions!

Other pages to review for a full understanding of how Field Marketing at GitLab operates