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Account Based Marketing

What is account based marketing?

Account-based marketing is a strategic approach to marketing based on account awareness in which an organization considers and communicates with individual prospect or customer accounts as markets of one. Through a close alignment between sales and marketing we focus on target accounts that fit our ICP or ideal customer profile. At GitLab, we are at the beginning of our account based marketing efforts and in the process of defining our ICP and aligning our target accounts based on those criteria.

Where does account based marketing fit within the greater marketing org?

Account based marketing sits next to field marketing and is similarly aligned to sales. Account based marketing looks at an account or target account as a market of one, versus marketing to the total addressable market. This type of marketing is executed by the accoutn based team where as field marketing etc is focused on lead gen and accoutn centric marketing.

What is an ideal customer profile (ICP) and how do we determine what that looks like?

An ideal customer profile is the description of our "perfect" customer company (not individual or end user). The profile will take into consideration firmographic, environmental and additional factors to develop what our ICP looks like. The account based marketing team is responsible for the management of this project and is working with a tiger team across the greater organization. We have engaged TOPO to assist with this process, and you can follow along in the ICP Epic

Roles & Responsibilities

Emily Luehrs
Account Based Marketing Manager

Jenny Tiemann
Sr. Marketing Program Manager

Leslie Stinson
Digital Marketing Manager

Tools we use

Demandbase Targeting and personalization platform which we use to target online ads to companies that fit our ICP and tiered account criteria.

TOPO Research and advisory firm used by companies to develop and orchestrate their account based strategy. We will be following their model for developing our ideal customer profile (ICP) and account based orchestration plays. TOPO research we are using

Account Based Marketing workflow and labels in GitLab

The ABM team works from issues and issue boards. If you are needing our assistance with any project, please open an issue and use the ~Account Based Marketing label anywhere within the GitLab repo.

The ABM team uses this global issue board and also has the Account Based Marketing Project

Labels used by the team:


Total addressable Market (TAM)- Also called total available market, total addressable market references the revenue opportunity available for a product or service. TAM helps to prioritize business opportunities by serving as a quick metric of the underlying potential of a given opportunity

Ideal customer profile (ICP)- Ideal customer profile is a description of a company who is the best fit for our solution. This can include firmographics, environmental and behavioral characteristics. We use this profile to align our account based marketing efforts

Target accounts- Accounts that fit our ideal customer profile that we will focus our account base strategy on. Target accounts are simply accounts that we would like to make customers

Tiered Accounts- Our account based strategy will include tiering our target accounts based on the following tiers: