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Tanuki Tech

Tanuki Tech

Tanuki Tech (short for "Tanuki Instutite of Technology") is the world class sales/technology bootcamp that we are building out for the SDR organization. Our goal is to powerfully equip our SDRs to be successful in their current roles as well as prepare them for their next role, whatever that may be. We are doing this because we care about our SDRs and want them to be successful.


How do we measure success? The specific goals for this program are:

The average coding bootcamp here in the United States costs 13.5k and graduates report an average starting salary of 67k (CourseReport 2020). Our goal is to far exceed the job placement and starting salary metrics of our peer institutions, completely as a free value to our SDRs as part of being part of this organization.

Guiding Principles


100s -

TT100: Introduction to Technology

Serves as an introduction to the technology industry and GitLab's space in it. In this course, we will explain fundamental concepts such as applications, operations, and the hybrid cloud. We will also explain why technology has been the main driver of innovation in the twenty-first century.

3 credit hours

TT101: Introduction to GitLab

GitLab is an extremely promising suite of technologies that is broad as well as deep. In this course, we will introduce GitLab and explain why it is such a special piece of technology.

3 credit hours

TT102: The People of Technology

To effectively engage in customer conversations, we need to understand the people that make up the technology industry. In this course, we will explain the various people that you will meet, their responsibilities and drivers, and how to have effectively engage each type of audience.

3 credit hours

TT110: Competitive

Because we operate in so many different product categories, GitLab has a large number of competitors. In this class, we discuss our biggest four competitors and how to effectively handle competitive situations with them.

3 credit hours

TT120: GitLab Workshop 1

This is a hands-on workshop where we use GitLab to update our very own website (no technical skills required). Learn the product by using it in action.

3 credit hours

200s -

TT200: Introduction to Development

In this class, our goal is to have more effective conversations with developers by understanding what they do and learning to speak their language. Topics include life as a developer, how software is developed, where applications run, the public cloud, and APIs.

3 credit hours

TT210: GitLab Create and Plan

In this class, we go indepth explaining create and plan functionality. Topics include GitLab's SCM and Agile featureset and competitive differentiators.

3 credit hours

TT211: GitLab Verify and Secure

In this class, we will learn about verify and security functionality. Topics include waterfall versus agile, continuous integration, software testing, devsecops, and automation.

3 credit hours

TT220: GitLab Package, Configure, and Release

In this class, we will learn about package, configure, and release functionality. Topics include how software is packaged and ultimately released (rolling deployments, A/B testing, etc.).

3 credit hours

TT230: GitLab Manage, Monitor, and Protect

In this class, we will learn about manage, monitor, and protect functionality. Topics include how we allow engineering leaders to make proactive decisions to optimize their organizations and infrastructure.

3 credit hours

TT240: GitLab Workshop 2

Learn GitLab by seeing it in action. In this class, we will walk through what a new customer does when setting up the product and explain how we are different from our competitors.

3 credit hours

TT250: Social Selling with LinkedIn

This class covers social selling with LinkedIn to maximize customer mindshare and effectively get meetings. Also covered in this class is how SDRs can work together with their sales counterparts to conduct joint social selling motions.

3 credit hours

300s -

TT300: Advanced Sales Conversations

Learn some of our customers' biggest technical initiatives and how to use them within our sales conversations (cloud migrations, automation, infrastructure as code, and microservices). Also covers the difference between product selling and solution selling.

3 credit hours

TT305: AWS and Google Alliances

In this class, we will learn about what alliances are and discuss our co-sell motions with Amazon and Google. Great for those that are planning on working AWS/Google events.

3 credit hours

TT310: Demoing GitLab

In this class, we will practice demoing GitLab. After taking this class, you will be able to perform brief customer demos to gather customer interest and explain product value.

5 credit hours

TT330: Career Builder

In this class, we will discuss best practices for plotting your career direction and how to get there. Included in this class is "Sales Stories," where we interview sales leaders to help you determine which path to take your career.

5 credit hours

TT331: Leadership Perspectives

This is a class where we will have rotating speakers speak on different leadership perspectives. We will specifically introduce topic such as strategic leadership, organizational leadership, and people leadership. This class is great for those considering team lead or management positions.

3 credit hours

TT380: Technical Questions for Sales

This is a class offered by the sales enablement organization equipping salespeople to answer the most commonly asked technical questions. You may see the curriculum here. This class is delivered async only.

5 credit hours

TT381: The Sales Required 7

This is another class offered by the sales enablement organization and covers Ryan O'Neil's required seven sales process. Recommended for those considering applying to the sales organization.

5 credit hours


We test for mastery (mastery-based learning) and students will be asked to demonstrate knowledge/skills learned. Students will be asked to repeat examination (or update answers) until mastery is demonstrated and the number of attempts needed is tracked.


To enroll for a class:

SDR Leveling

Completing coursework is directly tied to SDR leveling.

To your current progress, see here.

Dean of Tanuki Tech

Christopher Wang currently serves as the first dean of Tanuki Tech.

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