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Sales Play: GitOps for First Order

GitOps Sales Play for FO AEs

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Part 1: Before the Discovery Call

Before the Discovery Call
1. Familiarize yourself with the GitOps Sales Play and watch the enablement video.
2. Talk to the right persona - typically not a developer, could be a team lead, system architect, or cloud architect from the infrastructure/operations side of the house.
3. Check that the last interesting moment and top content viewed is related to GitOps.
4. Create a custom pitch deck incorporating these slides as needed. (GitOps messaging and original deck).

Part 2: The Discovery Call

The Discovery Call
1. Listen for these keywords to identify if a lead is interested in a GitOps conversation.
2. Familiarize yourself with the top discovery questions, objection handling and differentiators for GitOps. NOTE: This is very different from other conversations - the persona we talk to is different.
3. Identify business objectives and priorities during discovery. These could be:
- Infrastructure automation
- Managing cloud native environments
- multi-cloud / kubernetes adoption
- compliance related to infrastructure.
4. After your call, follow up with an email, which should include:
- any information they requested (resources you might include),
- how that information can be helpful for their research,
- an offer to continue researching these topics on their behalf,
- mutually agreed upon next steps.

Part 3: POV & Evaluation

POV & Evaluation  
1. Set up the evaluation with the appropriate internal resources - N/A
2. Do the following before sending out a trial key
- Mutually agree upon success criteria for the 30-day evaluation period (“If at the end of 30 days, we prove [these criteria], then we will consider this trial a success")

Success criteria examples:
- Store and Run an Ansible Playbook in GitLab
- Incorporate the above into a pipeline
- Scan x% of our code base (because of the language)
- Build a CI pipeline and have a basic one working
3. Send an email outlining and confirming the success criteria  
4. Work with your SA to showcase a technical demo of GitOps and/or share technical demos, webinars, and other resources.  
5. Share customer stories and Gartner Peer Insights  
6. After each call during the trial period, send an email with the progress achieved against the success criteria and what should be worked on the following week.  

Part 4: Negotiation / Decision-Making

Negotiation / Decision-Making
1. Use the “How GitLab Does it Better” section as supporting material to build the business case for GitLab (ROI) with the customer in the custom deck for the champion present to the economic buyer.
2. Share the Forrester TEI report
3. Use the Cost Comparison Calculators to show the value of using GitLab as a single application over other solutions.

Part 5: Close the Deal!

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