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103 - Maintaining common slides across decks


Marketing creates and maintains quite a few presentations for various stakeholders - like analysts, sales, customers. Some of the commonly maintained presentations are available in the sales resources handbook page. There is common content across the slides. The focus of this page is to explain how we manage common slides across various presentations that strategic marketing creates for various stakeholders.

Single directory with commonly used slides

All common slides will be maintained as individual slides in this strategic marketing master slides folder. The most recent and up to date version of the common slides will be maintained in this folder.

Description Image
Open and copy the common slide you need from the master slides folder Copy Source File
Paste and link common slide in destination presentation Paste and link
(Optional) Make changes in source common slide Make changes to source
Any changes to the source slide shows up as an Update in the destination presentation. If you would like to update your presentation, click on Update Update in destination
Tada! View the updates in the destination presentation Updates Reflected
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