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People who are part of the build IT Group are typically developers, designers, architects and DBAs. They share common values and culture as they strive to design, develop and ship new applications and features.


Innovate and deliver cool new solutions as fast as possible, help the business compete with the best solutions to meet their needs.


Collaborative and creative. Early adopters of new technology.

Personas / job titles

Clearly these titles: Contributors: Developer, Software Engineer, Architect, DBA, Managers: Development Manager, Lead, Executives: VP of Apps, Director of Applications, But, they might also include titles such as DevOps Lead, DevOps Engineer, and DevTest


Contributing to multiple projects, workstreams and systems. Supporting production and new development. Burdensome processes get in the way of delivering value.

Ideal world

Able to focus on innovation and solving business problems. Responsive to change and not burdened by bureaucratic processes. They care about their software and the business value they deliver.

VP of Applications Critical challenges

There are several critical challenges that application development leaders are facing.

  1. Cycle time - how to improve velocity
  2. How deliver secure Applications
  3. How to navigate hybrid cloud and not lock in.


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