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What is GitLab Runner?

Suppose you’re a developer or part of a team responsible for building, testing, and deploying your applications. In that case, GitLab Runner is the engine that enables you to run fast, scalable continuous integration pipelines on your on-premise infrastructure or the cloud. As the build agent that works in conjunction with GitLab CI/CD, the Runner executes your build and deployment jobs with minimal maintenance and overhead for your development teams.

GitLab Runner is one of the most feature-rich and flexible build agents. You can use hosted Runners or install the Runner on your on-premise Kubernetes clusters, RedHat OpenShift, Linux, macOS or Windows Servers, and IBM Z mainframes.

For those organizations hosting workloads on public clouds, you can install the Runner on virtual machines on any public cloud platform. For larger organizations, you can also take advantage of the Runner's autoscaling and fleet management capabilities on many cloud platforms, including Google Compute Engine, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Digital Ocean.

What does GitLab Runner do?

What does GitLab Runner Mean?

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GitLab Runner is the multi-platform, autoscaling agent that can run GitLab CI/CD pipeline jobs on your on-premise infrastructure, on or a public cloud provider.

Run your jobs in an environment best suited to your team’s workflows and needs, whether that is a Kubernetes cluster, a local shell, or Docker containers. You have the flexibility and control to solve your CI/CD process requirements with a simple to set up and operate, almost no maintenance solution.

GitLab Runner is a shell-based excecution engine that can take any script and run it.

If you can write it you can run it!

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GitLab Runner works alongside GitLab CI/CD to provide a quicker, easier, way to run jobs based on your specific runtime environment and hosting requirements.

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Use GitLab Runner to orchestrate your CI/CD pipelines and optimize workflow execution at any scale.

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