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Usecase: Simplify DevOps

Who to contact

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The Market Viewpoint

Simplify DevOps

The Simplify DevOps usecase is applicable for customers who are aware of the efficiencies to be gained by end to end DevOps but have not been able to achieve expected results due to a hodge podge of tools and integrations, siloed teams, cultural misalignment, lack of visibility and/or collaboration. In such scenarios, the GitLab value of a single application from idea to production inclusive of monitoring and security is appealing to the customer.

The worldwide DevOps market is expected to grow with a growth rate of 20 percent from $3.5 Bn in 2018 to $10.5 Bn in 2024. Increasing adoption of agile frameworks, cloud technologies, and digitization of enterprises to automate business processes are driving the growth.


User Persona

Since there is a requirement for end of end DevOps improvements, the typical user persona for this usecase is Devon - the DevOps Engineer. The key motivations for such a persona are:

Buyer Personas

End to end DevOps requirements typically involve executive involvement - VP of DevOps, VP of Engineering, VP of Innovation and above.

Analyst Coverage

Market Requirements


The GitLab Solution

Top 3 Differentiators

Differentiator Value Proof Point
Single Application for Entire DevOps Lifecycle GitLab helps to eliminate toolchain complexity and deliver the complete DevSecOps capabilities through a single application using a single design system thereby minimizing context switching. - Gartner - 2019 Peer Insights Customers’ Choice - Enterprise Agile Planning Tools - Over 90 peer reviews with a 4.6 rating: DevOps without the overhead, Simple, Intuitive and efficient DevOps Life Cycle tool, and GitLab increases engineering productivity
Deploy your software anywhere GitLab is cloud agnostic (supporting GCP, AWS, Azure, OpenShift, VMware, On Prem, Bare Metal, etc)- helping support your choice of environment. GitLab offers a consistent workflow experience - irrespective of the environment. - Gartner 2019 Hype Cycle for DevOps GitLab helped to define the market and is included as a relevant vendor for Toolchain, Toolchain Orchestration and Application Release Orchestration
- Gartner 2019 Hype Cycle for Infrastructure and Operations Automation GitLab helped to define the market and is recognized as a relevant vendor for both Continuous Delivery and Toolchain Orchestration
End to End Insight & Visibility GitLab using a common data model to provide configurable insights dashboards and cycle analytics to allow you to identify and drive areas of improvements of agile processes, cycle time, security and programs to help keep projects on track. - Forrester 2018 New Wave Value Stream Management - Strong Performer - Value stream management provides visibility into project planning, health indicators and analytics to remove waste and focus on customer value.
- G2 Crowd - 2018 - G2 Crowd Leader Over 170 public reviews with a 4.4 rating. Powerful team collaboration tool for managing software development projects, GitLab is a great application for full Development Cycle. GitLab also provides a great dashboard

Message House

The message house for the use case provides a structure to describe and discuss the value and differentiators for the use case.

Customer Facing Slides

Discovery Questions


Competitive Comparison

Amongst the many competitors in the DevOps space, GitHub and Azure DevOps are the closest competitors offering end to end DevOps capabilities.

Industry Analyst Relations (IAR) Plan

For a list of analysts with a current understanding of GitLab's capabilities for this use case, please reach out to Analyst Relations via Slack (#analyst-relations) or by submitting an issue and selecting the "AR-Analyst-Validation" template.

Proof Points - customers

Quotes and reviews

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