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Technical Evangelism


To build GitLab’s technical brand with deep, meaningful conversations on engineering topics relevant to our industry by leveraging our community of team-members and the wider ecosystem.

What do we do?

  1. Influencer Bureau: Drive GitLab awareness and brand value by building the influencer/speaker bureau’s profile and ensuring presence at key events.

  2. Consortium Marketing: Establish GitLab’s technical thought leadership by building GitLab’s influence in the tech community through participation in open source projects, foundations, and other consortiums. We lead the Cloud Native Computing Foundation relationship and are often DRI for many Linux Foundation projects.

  3. Content Creation: Work with the content team to hand off content we've created through talks, interviews, consortium opportunities and more. Distribute content through our channels.

How we measure ourselves?

  1. Awareness generated by our efforts (eye balls)
  2. Community motivated by our efforts (community involvement). Community involvement is measured by content contributions and invitations to community efforts

Services we offer team-members and the wider GitLab community

  1. Find a speaker - If you want our advice on and help securing a speaker proficient in a particular topic, please create an issue in the corporate marketing project and tag @pritianka.
  2. Become a speaker - please check out the #speaking channel on Slack for help from peers if you have a talk coming up and would like advice.
  3. Event technical content programming - please create an issue in the corporate marketing project and tag @pritianka. As an example, Technical Evangelism is leading the programming for GitLab Commit with a CFP process and internal agenda setting.

Evolution of technical evangelism at GitLab

1.0 - (The past) Developer advocates/technical evangelists went and gave talks

2.0 - (Today) Team-members from alliances, marketing, product, engineering evangelize and give talks

3.0 (To come) - The wider GitLab community becomes evangelists and gives talks, creates content, and shares their successes with GitLab with the wider ecosystem. The ideal ratio of team-members to the wider community members should be 20:80. Currently we are more like 80:20. Our challenge is to solve for this while ensuring our presence in key industry events and online forums.

Why push the wider community?

We are aiming for 3.0 for one big reason: Leverage.

  1. Top tier events: There is an inordinate amount of value from a presence at the most valued technology events that attract thousands or are the most revered. In such places, we need to show off our technical chops at GitLab and present our point of view in the industry. At the same time, without the wider community present there to echo the same message, our story will fall on deaf ears.
  2. Beyond the top tier of conferences, we are better served by activating our network of speakers across the community than we are by hosting booths. This is because we can get deeper reach within local/specialized communities and also target a wider audience with a wider community effort.

Meghan Gill, former developer marketing leader at MongoDB and current VP of Sales Ops there, is a champion of leveraging the community. The reasons she gives are:

The foundation team

  1. Priyanka Sharma - Director of Technical Evangelism
  2. Emily Chin - Senior Technical Evangelism Program Manager

Planned hires

In the next three months, we will evaluate the need for the following:

  1. Developer Evangelists in multiple geographies
  2. Technical evangelism program coordinator
  3. Technical evangelism program manager - ecosystem
  1. How to be an evangelist
  2. How to submit a successful conference proposal
  3. Consortiums we work with
  4. Speaking logistics
  5. Influencer bureau program overview