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How to be an Evangelist

What is evangelism?

Sometimes referred to as advocacy, evangelism creates a human connection with buyers and consumers to technology way beyond typical content marketing, with a face and a name relaying the story, expressing an opinion, and ultimately influencing a decision.

Many people believe Guy Kawasaki, the former chief evangelist of Apple Computer, to be the father of evangelism.


Who can be an evangelist?

Everybody in the wider GitLab Community can be an evangelist. Whether you work in marketing ops or infrastructure engineering, you have a point of view on the work you do and the ecosystem of open source enterprise technology.

Stages of evangelism

  1. Beginner - when you start following the right accounts on Twitter, peruse HN regularly, and respond to people
  2. Enthusiast - when you start creating content in the form of blog posts, videos, tweets, talks. Occasionally you create issues whenever you want to post something on the company blog or Medium publication.
  3. Pro - when you are invited to give talks that have over 200 attendees, when your content sometimes goes viral, often snagging over 500 views. You regularly contribute to the GitLab blog and other community blogs, podcasts, other content channels.
  4. Member of GitLab Influencer Board - when you are part of the GitLab Influencer run by Emily Chin. You reach this stage for two reasons: you are a pro and there is a strategic benefit to GitLab to promote your thought leadership.

Benefits of being an evangelist