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Serve the needs and interests of our key audiences:

  1. Users of GitLab: software developers and IT operations practicioners.
  2. Buyers of GitLab: IT management, software architects, development leads.
  3. Users of and contributors to OSS on

Generate demand for GitLab by:

  1. Showcasing the benefits of the most important GitLab features and how they can save time and money.
  2. Compare GitLab vs competing products.
  3. Provide customer case studies which illustrate 1 and 2.


When referring to the GitLab marketing site, and the are not included.

Ownership and responsibilities

The marketing site is an important part of our company requiring close coordination and collaboration across multiple teams. Below details which functional group is primarily responsible for which areas of the marketing site.

Marketing Site Product Manager

Luke Babb (interim) is responsible for scheduling tasks and allocating various team members to accomplish tasks.

Track projects on the Website Issue Board.

Content Marketing

Product Marketing


Frontend Development

All Product Managers

Technical Writing