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Meltano Handbook

Meltano enables anyone with access to SaaS APIs and spreadsheets to generate dashboards summarizing the status of their business operations.

View our Roadmap to learn more about our Mission, Vision, Persona, Focus, Business Model, and Cadence.

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We believe in building in public, and you can follow along with our progress:

Live Chat on

The website is set up with live chat powered by Intercom. When a website visitor to asks starts a conversation it will post in the Meltano Slack instance in the #support-intercom channel, and Meltano core team members and community members can reply directly from there.

Intercom Accounts

Meltano team members each have basic accounts, and there is a shared account for whoever is on chat duty to log into with full access to the Inbox. Login credentials can be found in 1Password.


Meltano is a registered trademark of GitLab B.V. in the USA and China.

Further details, such as the registration number and certificate, can be found in the "Meltano" 1Password vault.