GitLab Offboarding

Before starting an offboarding issue, make sure that the team member's resignation or termination has been discussed and cleared with at least the member of the executive team to whom the team member (in)directly reports. For involuntary terminations, make yourself familiar with the guidelines in the People Operations handbook.

When it is time for offboarding, create issue for former team member on the dev server in the organization issue tracker, and add the following checklist (edit it for applicability to the individual). This list looks strange in this handbook but this is to ensure you can copy paste it into an issue. When you paste it in an issue it will have checkboxes that you can click to complete.

1. [ ] People Ops: Once the termination has taken place (whether voluntary or involuntary), as soon as possible, create issue called 'Offboarding (NAME), per (DATE)' in [organization]( with relevant lines of the master offboarding checklist and /cc @rspeicher, @jacobvosmaer, @ernst, @brittany.
1. [ ] For this offboarding, the manager is @MENTION, People Ops is handled by @MENTION. cc @rspeicher, @jacobvosmaer, @ernst.
1. [x] _not relevant_ People Ops: Send an email to the chosen buddy letting them know that they have been chosen and include a link to the onboarding issue.
1. [ ] Google account
   1. [ ] Robert/Jacob V/Ernst: Check with the former team member's manager if they want the former team member's email forwarded to them. If yes, then:
   1. [ ] Robert/Jacob V/Ernst: switch off 2FA for the account, reset the password, log on, and set email to forward to the manager. Also change the phone number and alternative email (typically personal email address) that are associated with the account. Switch 2FA back on and save login credentials in 1password (PeopleOps vault). When asked for a phone number use your own, this is only for the purposes of turning 2FA back on.
   1. [ ] Robert/Jacob V/Ernst: upon manager's request (typically 4 weeks after blocking
     the Google account), transfer owned documents from Google Drive to
   manager, and delete the Google account. (automatically disables Drive access)
1. [ ] Robert/Jacob V/Ernst: remove former team member's email from email aliases (workflow is by suggesting in "GitLab Email Forwarding", then enacting).
1. [ ] Robert/Jacob V/Ernst: Block former team members' [ account]( and remove from [gitlab group](
1. [x] _not relevant_ Robert/Jacob V/Ernst: @mention the new team member in this onboarding issue once their account has been made.
1. [ ] Slack
   1. [ ] Robert/Jacob V/Ernst disable team member in [Slack](
   1. [x] _not relevant_ New team member: pick your [Slack username]( to be the same as your GitLab email handle, for consistency and ease of use.
   1. [x] _not relevant_ Hiring manager: please inform what [Slack groups]( the new team member should be added to.
1. [ ] People Ops Information
   1. [ ] People Ops: Remove former team member from TriNet / Savvy and payroll if applicable.
   1. [ ] People Ops: Mark former team member as terminated in BambooHR. Use the date mentioned in this issue as final date of employment / contract.
   1. [ ] People Ops: Notify eShares administrator (CFO) of offboarding.
1. [x] _not relevant_ New team member: read [Handbooks](, read the relevant onboarding pages that are linked from there, and become comfortable with Git and the GitLab workflow.
1. [ ] Calendars & Agenda
   1. [x] _not relevant_ People Ops: Add entry to availability calendar so the team can see when new people are joining.
   1. [ ] People Ops: Remove team member from GitLab availability calendar
   1. [ ] People Ops: Remove team member's birthday and work anniversary from the GitLab Birthdays calendar
   1. [x] _not relevant_ People Ops: Add new team member to the next monthly GitLab 101 call
   1. [ ] People Ops: Remove team member from Team Call Agenda and re-arrange the days on which team members speak in the Team Call Agenda.
   1. [ ] Manager: Add entry to Team Call agenda to announce departure of team member: 'X is no longer with GitLab'.
   1. [ ] PeopleOps: Remove former team member from the next Retro meeting and the Kickoff meeting that's scheduled and save for all events in the future.
1. [ ] People Ops: Remove team member from [team page]( Don't forget to remove the profile picture.
1. [ ] People Ops: Remove team member from phishing testing platform
1. [x] _not relevant_ People Ops: Check if new team member indicated who they were referred by.
1. [ ] People Ops: Reach out to former team member to identify and retrieve any company supplies/equipment. See the [PeopleOps page]( for further details on that process.
   1. [ ] People Ops: Inform Controller / Accounting if any items in former team members possession will not be returning, so that they can be removed from asset tracking.
1. [x] _not relevant_ Buddy: Schedule video call for first day to introduce yourself, and make sure they know that if they have questions, they can come to you. But your main job as a buddy will be to direct them to the right parts of the handbook, and/or encourage them to ask their questions of the wider group on chat, etc.
1. [x] _not relevant_ People Ops: Send brief welcome email to their personal address that directs the new team member to their GitLab email and their onboarding issue.
1. [x] _not relevant_ Hiring Manager: Schedule a video call with new team member at the start of their first day.
1. [ ] Manager: Organize smooth hand over of any work or tasks from former team member.
1. [ ] Manager: offer option to send a message to everyone in the company (i.e. forwarded by the manager), for a farewell message and/or to transmit their personal email address in case people wish to stay in touch.
1. [ ] Manager: Announce in general chat channel 'X is no longer with GitLab'


#### For GitLab Inc employees only

1. [x] _not relevant_People Ops: gather relevant information from new team member to enter them into the TriNet system.
1. [x] _not relevant_ People Ops: complete and submit an online Add New Hire Form
(TriNet Passport=>My Workplace=> Add New Hire/Rehire). This will generate the
welcome email to the employee at their work email on their first date of hire.
1. [x] _not relevant_ New employee: complete [New Hire TriNet Passport 7 Steps Guide]( The I-9 portion of this must be completed within the first two days of hire. Note- this is critical so you must contact PeopleOps if you have difficulty with this form.
1. [x] _not relevant_ People Ops: complete the employer portion of the I9 in TriNet within three days of hire
1. [x] _not relevant_ New employee: read through the [New Hire Benefits Guide]( This will go over medical, dental, vision and voluntary benefits. Note - If you have any questions or need help within the TriNet system please contact the Employee Solution Center at 800-638-0461 or email them at
1. [x] _not relevant_ People Ops: Set up new hire training with TriNet (If necessary).

#### For GitLab BV employees only

1. [x] _not relevant_ New team member: fill in this payroll information [form](
This info is needed to get your profile ready with Savvy HR in order to get you your pay slips and other information. Next to Savvy, the People Ops team will also get a copy of the form info for your employee file on BambooHR.

#### All team members

1. [x] _not relevant_ New team member: Read the [security handbook](/handbook/security), and please ask questions to make sure it is all clear to you.
1. [x] _not relevant_ New team member: If you authenticated your account with Google, GitHub, etc. you should either disconnect them or make sure they use two-factor authentication.
1. [x] _not relevant_ New team member: Enable [two-factor authentication]( on your account.
1. [x] _not relevant_ New team member: Make sure your notifications for aren't sent to a personal email. Send them to your `` email.
1. [ ] 1Password
   1. [ ] Robert/Ernst/Jacob V: Remove access to 1Password; take a screenshot of the user's permissions and post it in this offboarding issue.
   1. [ ] Robert/Ernst/Jacob V: coordinate or actively change sensitive shared passwords. In particular:
      1. [ ] sysadmin access passwords for Infrastructure (ssh, chef user/key, discuss others)
      1. [ ] team call recordings password (i.e. Zoom login)
      1. [ ] review what vaults former team member had access to, and discuss with vault "owners" which passwords should be changed.
   1. [ ] People Ops: remove former team member from the ["1Password Shared Folders"]( Google Sheet.
1. [x] _not relevant_ New team member: Create account and leave a comment in this issue to tell us the name. (To clarify, this is **not** the same as your account and username on which you already have if you can see this issue).
1. [ ] Robert/Jacob V: Remove former team members' account from the [gitlab-com group](
1. [x] _not relevant_ New team member: Access BambooHR, set a secure password and fill out any missing details of your profile; specifically your address, phone number(s), and emergency contact information. Make sure to add the country code to phone numbers (i.e. all numbers should start with `+`).
1. [x] _not relevant_ New team member: Set up [Calendly]( and add your Calendly link to your Slack profile.


1. [ ] People Ops: Remove from Beamy
1. [x] _not relevant_ People Ops: Order [business cards]( for new team member.
1. [ ] People Ops: [Remove team member]( from Expensify (if employee).
1. [ ] People Ops: Remove team member from the info sheets of the next Summit if applicable.
1. [x] _not relevant_ New team member: Check if there is a coming [Summit]( and save the date!
1. [ ] People Ops: Remove team members profile from [Egencia](
1. [x] _not relevant_ New team member: schedule 10 calls of 30 mins with 10 different colleagues to get to know our team. You can also schedule more calls, or ask for help on the #questions channel in slack.
1. [x] _not relevant_ New team member: Link your GitLab email address to an easily recognizable photo of yourself on [gravatar](
1. [x] _not relevant, already addressed_ New team member: [Add yourself]( to the [team page](
1. [x] _not relevant_ Amara: Send out or schedule a tweet about the new hire when the addition to the team page has been merged. Make screenshot of the profile and include that in the tweet.
1. [ ] PeopleOps: Remove team member from the [public map]( of everyone's location via [Sundial](
1. [x] _not relevant_ New team member: I verify that the home folder of my hard drive is encrypted (see the [security handbook]( for help).
1. [x] _not relevant_ New team member: Comment with a screenshot verifying that your hard drive is encrypted (`Command` + `Shift` + `3` on Mac).
1. [x] _not relevant_ New team member: Make an improvement to the handbook (something that you wished was there).
1. [x] _not relevant_ Follow the Git and GitLab course on [Platzi](
1. [x] _not relevant_ Become familiar with how GitLab works by learning our [GitLab Basics](
1. [x] _not relevant_ Set-up and familiarize yourself with our apps: [Gmail](, [Google Calendar](, [Slack]( and [Google Drive]( where you can [download]( to work offline. Be aware your google calendar (tied to your GitLab account) is internally viewable by default, you might want to [change this]( in your calendar settings.


1. [ ] Robert/Jacob V: Remove former team members' account from the [gitlab-org group](
1. [ ] Robert/Jacob V: Remove former team members' account from the [gitlabhq organization]( (if applicable)
1. [ ] Robert/Jacob V: Remove former team members' account from [Sentry](
1. [ ] Robert/Jacob V: Check former team members' project-level permissions and remove them as-needed.
1. [ ] For former Developers (those who had access to part of the infrastructure), Production and Service Engineering team members: copy offboarding process from [infrastructure]( for offboarding action.
1. [x] _not relevant_ For Developer team members: Read the [developer documentation](
1. [ ] Hiring Manager: Remove access to PagerDuty.


1. [ ] Jose/Robert/Jacob V: Remove former team member's admin account.
1. [ ] Jose/Ernst: Remove access from Tweetdeck for [at]gitlabstatus.
1. [ ] Zendesk [(general information about removing agents)](
   1. [ ] Jose/Drew: Remove any triggers related to the agent -
   1. [ ] Jose/Drew: Downgrade the agent role to "end-user" - [more information](
        + **Warning: This will unassign all tickets from the agent**
   1. [ ] Jose/Drew: Schedule a date to suspend the agents account. [More information](
   1. [x] _not relevant_ Jose/Drew: Add agent to required [support groups]( in [GitLab ZenDesk](
1. [ ] Jose/Axil: Remove team member from "moderators" group on the [GitLab community forum](
1. [ ] Jose: remove from support team call
1. [x] _not relevant, already addressed_ Jose: use the "GitLab Email Forwarding" google doc to request that the new team member is added to the alias for the support team.
1. [x] _not relevant, already addressed_ Jose: Add team member to `@supportteam` Slack handle.
1. [x] _not relevant_ New team member: Create new account for the [GitLab community forum]( using the sign in with GitLab option and mention the username used.
1. [ ] Hiring Manager: Remove team member as a member to the GitLab Dev DigitalOcean account
1. [x] _not relevant_ New team member: Open a new [support issue]( using the support [onboarding checklist](, and provide the link in a comment below this onboarding checklist.


1. [x] _not relevant_ New team member: get the [Pixelmator app]( and expense it.
1. [ ] People Ops: cancel [SketchApp]( license (?).
1. [ ] People Ops: (for Designers only, not UX Designers) remove access to [Adobe Creative Cloud]( using the shared credential in the Secretarial vault.
1. [ ] Hiring Manager: (for UX Designers) remove former team member's Master access to the gitlab-design project.


1. [ ] Patricio/Amara: Remove from Tweetdeck.


1. [ ] Finance: Remove from Comerica (as user or viewer only if in Finance)
1. [ ] Finance: Remove from [QuickBooks users]( (finance only)
1. [ ] Finance: revoke company credit card (for all sales team members who are employees)
1. [ ] People Ops: If credit card holder, remove from expense report calendar reminder
1. [ ] Hiring Manager: Remove from sales meeting.
1. [ ] Hiring Manager: Remove from [Recurly](
1. [ ] Hiring Manager: Remove from  [Salesforce]
1. [x] _not relevant_ New team member: Ask a colleague if they can do a screenshare the next time they process an order using Recurly and Salesforce.
1. [x] _not relevant_ Sales Manager: Grant access to the [Sales Folder]( in our Google Docs. In this folder, familiarize yourself with:
1. [x] _not relevant_ New team member: In the [Sales Folder](, familiarize yourself with ... (removed for brevity)
1. [x] _not relevant_ New team member: familiarize yourself with the [Support]( process.
1. [x] _not relevant_ New team member: familiarize yourself with [giving a GitLab demo](


* [x] _not relevant, already handled_ Manager: Add team member to applicable email addresses, ex.
* [ ] People Ops: Remove team member from BambooHR and Workable as an admin.
* [ ] Manager: Remove team member from TriNet and HR Savvy as an admin.
* [x] _not relevant, already handled_ People Ops: Invite team member to People Ops Confidential channel in Slack.


1.  [ ] Robert/Jacob V/Ernst: Remove e-mail address to the mailing list:!forum/gitlab-core  
2.  [x] _not relevant, People Ops: Have member sign NDA.
3.  [ ] Robert/Jacob V/Ernst: Remove member to #core in Slack.  
4.  [ ] Robert/Jacob V/Ernst: Remove member developer access to gitlab-org.