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Collaboration & Effective Listening


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What is collaboration?

Collaborate, according the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, means “to work jointly with others or together especially in an intellectual endeavor.”

A workforce, also according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is comprised of “the people engaged in a specific activity or enterprise.”

Put it together and a collaborative workforce is a group of people working together toward a specific goal.

Teamwork Video

Communication: Speak Clearly & Listen Openly

Think about a time that you tried to share information on how to complete a task with someone and although the task was completed, it was not completed to your satisfaction, what happened and what could you have done?

What is communication?

What is effective communication?

Effective Listening

It is estimated that people (listener) will filter out or change the intended meaning of what is heard in 70% of all communications. Source.

Effective Listening and Communication (what not to do!)

Myths about Listening

Tips for Effective Listening

Being Assertive

There is a delicate balance between being confident enough to be assertive of personal rights and boundaries while respectful of others.

THINK Before You Speak


Add-A Pal

“A” Assure a fair process “D” Don’t react “D” Deal with emotions “A” Attack the problem and not the person “P” Practice direct communication “A” Ask about interests “L” Look to the future


“L” Look at the person speaking to you “A” Ask questions “D” Don’t Interrupt “D” Don’t change the subject “E” Empathize “R” Respond verbally & non-verbally


Improving Relationships: Why Collaboration and Communication is important