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Team member engagement is important to the overall continued success of GitLab. Engagement strategies have been shown to reduce attrition, improve productivity and efficiency, enhances the company values and enhanced job satisfaction. One of the ways that GitLab tracks team member engagement is through the bi-annual Team Member Engagement Survey administered by CultureAmp. Engagement surveys are an important tool that gives team members an opportunity to provide feedback. It also allows GitLab leadership to gain insight into what is important to team members.

Please note, once you hit submit you are unable to go in and edit your answers or add additional comments. It will show that you have completed the survey. Please use the "save and exit" option until you are ready to submit your final answers.

In October 2018 GitLab launched it's annual enagement survey via CultureAmp. The survey was benchmarked against 2018 New Tech - Mid Size Companies (200-500 team members).

2018 GitLab overall results

Highest 3 Scores

Highest 3 Scores vs Benchmark

Lowest 3 Scores

Lowest 3 Scores vs Benchmark

October 2019 Engagement Survey Timeline

The survey consists of 46 questions divided into the following sections:

Benchmark and reporting

The 2019 survey will be compared to the 2018 results. The survey is completely anonymous! There are no names collected with any responses or comments.



Managers with 5+ reporting team members will receive an email from Culture Amp inviting them to review their results. Division and Department leaders will also receive an email from Culture Amp inviting them to review their departments or Divisions overall results. All demographics are pulled from BambooHR and there is not a way to add custom reporting options.

Quick tips on Culture Amp and exporting reports or utilizing the tool.

2019 GitLab overall results

Highest 3 scores

Lowest 3 Scores

2019 E Team focus areas

2020 Tentative Engagement Survey Dates