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Secret Snowflake

Secret Snowflake

We are iterating on whether we will be continuing with this process at the moment in this issue

How did it work in previous years?

  1. Join #secret-snowflake in Slack by mid-November of that year and give a thumbsup.

  2. You'll receive an email to enroll. Click on the link to be taken to the app where you can list your wishes.

Avoid the ads, you don't need to click further to login

  1. Enter your address (please add this as a wishlist item with the format Address: " "), and then find out who you will ship a present to.

  2. Get a present, and ship it!
    budget: €20 (does not include shipping)

  3. Finally! It arrived! Unpack it, take a picture, and thank your match in the #secret-snowflake channel on Slack to let them know that the gift has been received!

  4. Perfectly content, you wait until next year to participate again.


Note: By participating in Secret Snowflake you grant your match access to your address via People Ops.

Organizing Secret Snowflake

  1. Ensure there is a #secret-snowflake channel

  2. Announce the deadline on the company call and in the #company-announcements channel with a link to this page as well as a disclaimer that this activity gives the People Group the right to share your address with your match.

After the November deadline

  1. Use an organizer platform to automatically create matches and send emails.

  2. Test the platform before sending out all emails to participants.

  3. Add emails and create matches

During this time, make sure to follow up any issues that may arise.

After January 15

Ensure all participants received their present.


1. Can I go over budget?

No. Maybe €2.

2. Can I go under budget?

That is perfectly fine. It is more important to give something awesome than to spend € 20.

3. What if I have to ship something to the other side of the world?

You don't have to, there are eCommerce apps/websites in most countries. Let them do the heavy lifting! If you can't come up with a solution, please ask @zj on Slack.

4. Shipping my trebuchet will be expensive, can I take it with me to the next Contribute and give it there?

For a full size trebuchet I'll make an exception, other than that, please do not bring your gift to the next Contribute. This means a couple of things:

  1. The other participant has to have some spare room in their suitcase
  2. Some people will already have a gift, I wouldn't be able to handle the suspense!
  3. No clue, just ship it!

5. Can I add a poem to the package?

So, if you're referring to the good old Sinterklaasgedichten, yes! You can and should! Just keep in mind not everyone is familiar with tone usually used in them.

6. Cool idea, but I'd rather not be a participant this year.

That is ok! No hard feelings, and maybe next year