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Welcome to the People Operations handbook! You should be able to find answers to most of your questions here. You can also check out pages related to People Operations in the next section below. If you can't find what you're looking for please do the following:

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Role of People Operations

In general, the People Operations team and processes are here as a service to the rest of the team; helping make your life easier so that you can focus on your work and contributions to GitLab. On that note, please don't hesitate to reach out with questions! In the case of a conflict between the company and a team member, People Operations works "on behalf of" the company.

Team Directory

GitLab uses Slack profiles as an internal team directory, where team members can add their personal contact details, such as email, phone numbers, or addresses. This is your one-stop directory for phone numbers and addresses (in case you want to send your team mate an awesome card!). Feel free to add your information to your Slack profile (this is completely opt-in!) by clicking on "GitLab" at the top left corner of Slack, "Profile & Account", then "Add Profile" (for the first time making changes) or "Edit Profile" (if your account is already set up) to make any changes!

Birthday Swag

BambooHR should send an email to People Ops the day before and the day of a team member's birthday. Celebrate by sending the team member an email (template below) and post on the #celebrations channel on Slack so all team members can help them celebrate. GitLabbers with weekend birthdays will be wished a Happy Birthday on the following weekday.

Birthday Email Template: "Happy Birthday! Please use this link [insert link] to redeem your birthday swag! You will need to login or create an account with the swag store to receive your free birthday socks! The username will be your GitLab email. Once you are are in the store you should see your options to order GitLab birthday socks. Please let People Ops know if you have any questions."

The link for the swag store birthday campaign is located in the People Ops vault in 1Password.

Monitor the swag store open orders to place orders that team members have entered for birthday swag.

Letter of Employment and Reference Request

If you need a letter from GitLab verifying your employment/contractor status, please send the request to People Ops citing what information is needed. We will provide most recent title, dates of employment, and salary information. We will also verify, but not provide National Identification Numbers. People Ops will send you the letter once it is completed. In addition, if the request comes from a third party, People Ops will always verify that the information is appropriate to share. If you are a US Employee you can follow these instructions for an automated verification through TriNet.

GitLabbers are not authorized by the company to speak on its behalf to complete reference requests for GitLabbers no longer working for GitLab. If a team member would like to give a personal reference based on their experience with the former team member, it must be preceded by a statement that the reference is not speaking on behalf of the company. To reinforce this fact, personal references should never be on company letterhead and telephone references should never be on company time. You do not need permission from GitLab to give a personal reference. Remember to always be truthful in reference check and try not to give a majority negative reference; instead refuse to provide one. Negative references can result in legal action in some jurisdictions.

If an ex team member acted in a malicious way against GitLab we'll do a company wide announcement on the company call not to provide a reference.

Boardroom addresses

Business Cards

If you need business cards, please send a request via Google Forms. Someone on the team will place the order and email you with confirmation.

NPS Surveys

NPS stands for "Net Promoter Score". GitLab has two forms of NPS surveys: eNPS for all employees (where "e" stands for "Employee"), and an onboarding NPS. These surveys gauge employee satisfaction and how likely employees are to recommend GitLab to others as a place to work.

People Ops will send out an eNPS survey twice yearly to all employees.

The onboarding NPS survey is a 60-day survey for new hires. To help People Ops understand your experience and improve the onboarding process, please complete the onboarding survey after you have been working for GitLab for at least 2 months. People Ops will send reminders to team members to complete the survey.


People Operations will send flowers for a birth, death, or significant event of a team member. This policy applies to an immediate relationship to the GitLab team member. Management can send a request to People Operations in order to ensure that a gift is sent in the amount of 75-125 USD.

Using BambooHR

We use BambooHR to keep all team member information in one place. All team members (all contract types) are in BambooHR. We don't have one contact person but can call BambooHR if we want any changes made in the platform. The contact info lives in the Secretarial Vault in 1Password.

Some changes or additions we make to BambooHR require action from our team members. Before calling the whole team to action, prepare a communication to the team that is approved by the Chief Culture Officer.

Team Members have employee access to their profile in BambooHR and should update any data that is out-dated or incorrect. If there is a field that cannot be updated, please reach out the the People Ops Analyst with the change.

Using RingCentral

Our company and office phone lines are handled via RingCentral. The login credentials are in the Secretarial vault on 1Password. To add a number to the call handling & forwarding rules:

WBSO (R&D tax credit) in the Netherlands

For roles directly relating to Research and Development in the Netherlands, GitLab may be eligible for the WBSO (R&D Tax Credit). For more information, contact the WBSO People Ops rep.

Paperwork people may need to obtain mortgage in the Netherlands

When your employment contract is for a fixed period of time (e.g. 12 months) you'll need a "werkgeversverklaring". This document describes your salary and states that your employer expects to continue to employ you after the contract expires (assuming the performance of the employee doesn't degrade). This document has to be filled in by hand, preferably using blue ink, and must be signed and stamped. If there is no stamp (as is the case for GitLab) an extra letter (also signed) must be supplied that states the employer has no stamp. While the language of these documents doesn't matter, the use of Dutch is preferred.

Employees also have to provide a copy of a payslip that clearly states not only their monthly salary but also their annual salary. These numbers must match the numbers on the "werkgeversverklaring" down to the decimals. Mortgage providers may also require you to provide information about your financial status, usually in the form of a report/screenshot of your total financial status (including any savings you have). The requirements for this seem to vary a bit between mortgage providers.