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360 Feedback

GitLab will be releasing the next round of written performance feedback on March 1, 2018 using Lattice. This time there will be 360 feedback where managers and direct reports will give feedback to each other, and each team member will add a certain number of peers to provide feedback as well. There will not be ratings associated with the feedback.

Q: What is the timeline for the March 2018 360 Feedback?


Q: What will 360 feedback be based on?

A: Reviews will include the following five questions:

  1. What's one thing this person should stop doing?
  2. What's one thing this person should start doing?
  3. What's one thing this person should continue doing?
  4. In which GitLab value is this person the strongest? What is the impact of that?
  5. In which GitLab value is this person struggling? How do you think they can improve?

Q: How long should the response to each question be?

A: Comments should be to the point and include specific examples. Each feedback form should be unique, therefore People Ops cannot link an example of a great manager to direct report feedback form, as it could be used as a template to copy and paste. Instead we encourage managers to reach out to People Ops to discuss any questions or work through the performance cycle.

Managers: In cases where you’ve identified your top performer, we should learn from what makes that person successful to share with others. In cases where below average performance is identified, you should plan to deliver a PIP to clearly identify performance gaps and expected changes.

Using Lattice

All Team Members

Once People Ops launches a review cycle you should receive an email invitation from Lattice to begin the review process. From the email notification:

Once People Ops closes a review cycle:

Late Reviewers (alternate manager):

Chat Feature:

Lattice Help Center Articles:

If you have any questions or concerns as you go through the performance cycle, please reach out to People Ops.

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