CEO Preferences

This page is mainly as a guideline for the Executive Assistant(EA) to our Chief Executive Officer (CEO). It is intended to be helpful, feel free to deviate from it and update this page if you think it makes sense. If there are things that might seem pretentious or overbearing please raise them so we can remove or adapt them.

Basic tips & tricks

Pick your brain meetings

If people want advice on open source, remote work, or other things related to GitLab we'll consider that. If Sid approves of the request we send the following email:

"We would love to help but we want to make sure the content is radiated as wide as possible. Can we do the following?

  1. We schedule a 50 minute skype/google hangout/office visit
  2. You send an initial list of questions no less than 24 hours in advance that you share via a Google Doc that everyone with the link can edit
  3. It is very much OK to keep adding questions to the doc and to ask questions not in the doc during the interview
  4. You audio record the conversation, please test the technology in advance
  5. You write up a draft post within 48 hours after the interview and submit it to If that is too hard paste the interview in the Google Doc with the questions
  6. If it is interesting our marketing department will work to publish the post
  7. A great examples of this in action is this article that got 290 points on Hacker News"

The EA should follow up to chase the draft post.



For meetings or lunch/dinner appointments, always make sure to add the address in the invite of the location where it’s scheduled and make sure to plan travel time (in a separate calendar item, just for Sid) before and after the meeting in case another meeting or call should follow.

Hiring process


EA does research for the best option for a flight and propose this to Sid before booking. Current preferences for flights are: * Aisle seat * Check a bag for all trips (longer than one night) * Frequent Flyer details of all (previously flown) airlines are in EA vault of 1Password