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Performance Review Process

Refer to the following Q&A to see who should participate in the performance review process, when reviews must be completed and how the information collected will be used. If you did not receive an invitation from Lattice, and you believe you should have after reading the information below, please email People Ops so we can resolve any issues quickly.

Q: Why are we doing performance reviews?

A: We will use the performance reviews conducted in 2017 as a guideline for awarding 2018 merit increases.

Q: Who will participate in this performance review process?

A: Team members who were hired before May 1, 2017 complete a Self Review and receive a Manager’s Review. Team members hired on or after May 1, 2017 will participate in the second half of 2017 performance cycle, which will kick-off in January 2018.

Q: What will performance reviews be based on?

A: Reviews will include six questions related to our values which will be rated by both the individual and their manager. There will also be two questions focused on recognizing strengths and development opportunities.

Individual Contributor (IC) and Manager Self Reviews include the following questions:

  1. How well did this person collaborate with people inside and outside the team?
  2. What results did this person get in achieving the team's OKRs?
  3. How well has this person been able to achieve boring solutions while maintaining velocity?
  4. How has this person worked to support, promote, and/or embody diversity in their role?
  5. How well did this person iterate on each project?
  6. How well did this person maintain transparency according to the GitLab workflow?
  7. In what areas did you demonstrate the most growth in the first half of 2017?
  8. Looking forward, in what areas would you most like to develop your knowledge, skills and abilities?

Q: How long should the response to each question be?

A: The first six questions in the self review require a comment and a rating response. Comments should be to the point and include specific examples which reinforce the selected rating response. Each performance review should be unique, therefore People Ops cannot link an example of a great manager to direct report performance review, as it could be used as a template to copy and paste. Instead we encourage managers to reach out to People Ops to discuss any questions or work through the performance cycle.

Q: What are the rating responses?

A: Ratings options include:

Performance Ratings Definition / Example Behaviors
Below Expectations - Requires constant supervision and reminders to complete assignments
  - Rarely produces work that meets expected standards
  - Overall contribution to team is very low
  - Communication is poor
  - Not meeting some or all of the requirements of the job description
Met Expectations - Needs minimal to no support from manager to complete assignments
  - Work is of an acceptable quality with minimal errors
  - Contributes to team discussions and idea generation
  - Fulfills requirements of the job description
Exceeded Expectations - Needs no support from manager to complete assignments
  - Delivers exceptional quality consistently
  - Seeks out opportunities to create innovative solutions
  - Exceeds requirements of the job description
Greatly Exceeded Expectations - Works independently and takes the lead to complete all assignments
  - Takes the lead in creating innovative solutions
  - Drives change in a positive way
  - Contributes to team success and development
  - Consistently adds value well beyond job requirements

Q: Do individuals rate their own performance?

A: Yes, the self reviews require a rating for performance questions which will factor into the 2018 increase guidelines.

Q: When are written performance reviews due in Lattice?

A: All first half 2017 self- and manager reviews must be completed by end of day (EST) August 30, 2017.

Q: Will we have an opportunity to review and compare self and manager reviews?

A: Yes, managers will receive a copy of self reviews as they are completed. After all managers are finished, we will close the 2017 review cycle and share manager reviews with their direct reports. Managers and their direct reports should discuss the reviews; they need not agree on every point but they should find ways to work through differences. These conversations should be completed by September 15th, 2017 and can be done as part of the regular 1:1's.

Managers: In cases where you’ve identified your top performer, we should learn from what makes that person successful to share with others. In cases where below average performance is identified, you should plan to deliver a PIP to clearly identify performance gaps and expected changes.

Q: What are the final scores asked once I have completed the meeting with my team members?

A: Once you have been able to give your feedback to the team member, Lattice will populate a final scores page. Please score the team member consistently with your review on the scale from Below Expectations to Exceeds Expectations (1-4). This is the overall score that will be used for merit administration in 2018.

Q: Why link performance to the increase process?

A: Cost of living adjustments (COLA) do not encourage participation, generate mediocrity, and lead to the disengagement of high performers, while performance-based (merit) increases reward results and motivate continued development and higher achievements.

Q: When will we hear about 2018 merit increases?

A: After the performance process is complete for the full year of 2017 (January 2018), we will ask managers to weigh in on suggested merit increase guidelines. Management recommendations will then be reviewed by each division executive and the CEO for final approval.

Performance Review Feedback Meeting

Using Lattice

Once People Ops launches a review cycle you should receive an email invitation from Lattice to begin the review process. From the email notification:

Once People Ops closes a review cycle:

Late Reviewers (alternate manager):

Chat Feature:

Lattice Help Center Articles:

If you have any questions or concerns as you go through the performance cycle, please reach out to People Ops.

Performance Review Changes in 2018

The People Ops team is looking to add 360 reviews to include: