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Secret Snowflake 2017

We will be organizing a Secret Snowflake in 2017!

How does this work?:

Note: By participating in Secret Snowflake you grant your match access to your address via People Ops.

Secret Santa 2016

This year a Secret Santa will be organized. This is an event where participants exchange gifts with another participant. Participants only know to whom they have to send a gift. Because this event takes place around Christmas, and as each participant has no clue who will send them a gift this is called 'Secret Santa'.



But I have this super duper awesome gift idea and its over the budget

Well, this really depends on the situation and the fact that you actually have this question means you're probably not over budget by €2. ;)

I found this amazing, best gift ever and its under budget?

That is perfectly fine. It is more important to give something awesome than to spend € 20.

Wait, potentially I have to ship something to the other side of the world!

You don't have to, there is an Amazon, or something like it in most countries. Let them do the heavy lifting! If you can't come up with a solution, please ask @zj on Slack.

Shipping my trebuchet will be expensive, can I take it with me to the next summit and give it there?

For a full size trebuchet I'll make an exception, other than that, please do not bring your gift to the next summit. This means a couple of things:

  1. The other participant has to have some spare room in their suitcase
  2. Some people will already have a gift, I wouldn't be able to handle the suspense!
  3. No clue, just ship it!

Can I add a poem to the package?

So, if you're referring to the good old Sinterklaasgedichten, yes! You can and should! Just keep in mind not everyone is familiar with tone usually used in them.

Cool idea, but I'd rather not be a participant this year.

That is ok! No hard feelings, and maybe next year!