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Employment branding

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As a global, all-remote company, GitLab has a unique story to tell. A key part of telling that story is sharing what it's like to work here, because we wouldn't be successful without our people and our culture. This page outlines our approach to employment branding at GitLab.

Our audience

The audience we hope to reach with our employment branding initiatives is both internal and external to GitLab:

Employer value proposition

We're defining our employer value proposition (EVP) in Q2 so that we can better tell the story of what it's like to be part of our global team.

Digital channels for employment branding

Jobs site

Our GitLab jobs site is where candidates can find information about working at GitLab, along with links to browse and apply for our vacancies.

Social media

We incorporate content about hiring and our culture on GitLab's social media accounts so that there's one central place for candidates and the community to find out more about the company as a whole.

On LinkedIn, we have a specific career page where candidates can find out more about life at GitLab.

We are working on a "life at GitLab" video, which is to be completed in Q2. There are also a number of videos on our YouTube channel that relate to working here:

Review sites

We want to be sure candidates who come across GitLab's profile on employer review sites have an accurate picture of what it's like to work here. There are some sites where GitLab has a company profile, but we do not own it or pay for additional features. On others, we have a managed presence.

We encourage team members to leave reviews and share their stories on these sites to continue to keep an updated profile.


Engaged employer

As an engaged employer with Glassdoor, we're able to customize the branded content, videos, links, and images on our Glassdoor profile. Our contract with Glassdoor includes pages in these countries:

This also includes sponsored international jobs (all countries outside of the US and UK), as well as the ability to respond to reviews.

Responding to reviews

The Employment Branding Lead responds to reviews on a weekly basis, with input from any necessary teams internally. More details are outlined in this Google Doc.

Escalating reviews and tracking success

Glassdoor reviews and ratings have valuable themes and trends that can help us improve our culture, hiring process, benefits, and more. We share ratings trends, key themes, or escalations to the appropriate contacts internally so that we can track our success and take addition action if needed. This includes:

OpenCompany designation

One of our Q2 OKRs was to reach OpenCompany status on Glassdoor. As an open, transparent company, this designation was important for us to have to best represent our employment brand. Achieving and maintaining OpenCompany requires that you:


We have a profile on Comparably, and keep the content updated. We do not have any paid contract with Comparably at this time.

Other employer sites

GitLab blog

To give the most authentic view of life at GitLab, we encourage team members to blog about their experiences. You can find many of these posts in the culture section of the GitLab blog.


We promote life at GitLab and our open vacancies on HackerNews. Learn more about how this works.

All-remote work

An important aspect of our employment brand is the flexibility that all-remote work gives our team members. Learn more about GitLab's approach to remote work on our all-remote page.