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You can expense:

You can not expense relocation costs.

Visa Contacts

For assistance with any employment or relocation visa please reach out to the People Ops Generalist. Point of contact for summit and travel visas is TBD.

Travel Visas

Arranging a visa for travel

In some cases when traveling to a conference or summit you might need to arrange a visa to enter that specific country.

Always check the website of the Embassy of the Country you want to visit located in your home country. They will have the most updated information on whether or not you need a visa and what is needed for your application. In some instances you can travel under a visa waiver program (e.g. ESTA) in other cases you might need to arrange a tourist or business visa. Read their website carefully and ask People Ops if you need any help with acquiring the needed documents for your application.

We gladly organize and pay for local legal assistance, especially if you are at high risk of having a long process.

Tips & Tricks for visa arrangements

Timeline guide for visa applications

New Orleans Summit 2019 Visa Invitation Letter

If you need a visa to travel to the United States, please fill out this form. People Ops will verify accuracy and send you an email with the signed letter. If a GitLabber would like to request a letter for their SO, GitLab can provide a short letter stating that we encourage SOs to attend our conference. Please email [People Ops] ( with the full name of your SO to request for this letter.

United States Resident Visas

TN Visa

GitLab Inc. will sponsor a TN Visa from Canada or Mexico to the United States. To initiate this process once a contract has been signed, People Operations will reach out to legal counsel.

H1B Visa Processing

GitLab does not offer full sponsorship for obtaining a H1B visa at this time. If you already have an H1B visa and were hired, based on proven performance in the role, we would review and consider providing support for transferring your existing H1B.

To transfer an H1B Visa, GitLab needs to initiate the transfer before the team member can start work. In the past we have used Immigration Law Group as our legal counsel to help us through these steps.

  1. People Ops should reach out to legal counsel to start the process.
  2. Legal Counsel will reach out to the new team member and their manager to gather all information in regards to the transfer itself and the position.
  3. If there is a need for a rush in processing the H1B (plans for travel outside the US, for example) then you can file the transfer under premium processing, if approved by the CEO.
  4. Once the documents have been prepared by the law group, they will be sent to the CFO for wet signatures, and then returned to the law group.
  5. Once the law group receives the signed forms, they can file the transfer with USCIS. Note: Until we receive confirmation that the transfer paperwork has been received by USCIS, the new team member cannot start work at GitLab.
  6. Confirm to legal counsel when the new team member starts work at GitLab.
  7. File all documentation in BambooHR surrounding the transfer.

Dutch Work Permits

Some of our GitLabbers in the Netherlands have a "werkvergunning" or work permit under the highly skilled migrants category of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND).

Here is a generally but not authoritative helpful guide on considerations around permit extensions.

30% Ruling in the Netherlands

The 30% reimbursement ruling (better known as the 30% ruling) is a tax advantage for highly skilled migrants moving to the Netherlands. This benefit, granted for five years, allows them to receive 30% of their income without paying taxes.

The decision from Belastingdienst (Dutch Tax Administration and Customs) can take up to 3 months, but once your application is accepted, the payment will be made retroactively to your starting date.

Employees recruited abroad can apply by themselves and expense it, or ask to HRSavvy (the company that supports GitLab with visas and payroll in the Netherlands) for support. However, there are some conditions to be satisfied to receive approval.

  1. The employee has to work as an employee.
  2. The employer and employee have to agree in writing that the 30% ruling is applicable.
  3. The employee has to transfer or to be recruited abroad by a Dutch employer. In two years before being hired by a Dutch employer, the employee must be living outside of the Netherlands for more than 16 months, at a minimal distance of 150 kilometers from the Dutch border.
  4. The employee must have specific experience or expertise that is not or rarely available in the Netherlands.
  5. The gross annual salary has to surpass a minimum (adjusted annually).

Transfering the 30% Ruling from a previous employer

The 30% ruling is a tax advantage granted for five years, which means that you can carry this for a new employer if your new role still fulfills the requirements from the original application. If you have already received an approval letter from Belastingdienst, HRSavvy can carry this over for you and ask to Belastingdienst to transfer this tax advantage, relating it to GitLab. This process tends to be faster and less bureaucratic since your qualifications were already assessed. To do that, you need to provide the first approval letter and fill out and sign a 30% ruling transfer application;

BSN Number

A BSN number is like a citizen number. It is required so new team members can be added to the B.V. Netherlands payroll. It's also required for things like health insurance and opening a bank account.

There are two options to get a BSN number in the Netherlands:

  1. Getting a BSN number at the municipality. This process will take at least 1-4 weeks. There are no costs involved with registering and receiving a BSN at the municipality.

  2. Getting a BSN number at your local Expat center. It is possible to make an appointment within 2 weeks.

Right to Immigrate to the Netherlands

Everyone that meets the following requirements is welcome to move to the Netherlands (you will still need to pass the formal visa application process). If you meet the requirements no approval is needed, you only need to contact peopleops to start the process. If you don't meet a requirement you have to file a request with your manager, please indicate clearly which requirements you meet and which ones you do not meet.

People Operations will then create a confidential issue in the Employment Issue Tracker with he following tasks to complete:

  1. The Team member will need to complete this form. This info is needed to get the team member's profile ready with our payroll provider in the Netherlands in order to get pay slips and other information. The team member will also need to provide a copy of their residence permit (if applicable), copy of their debit card, and passport. These can be send to People Operations separately.
  2. The Team member will also need to complete the 30% Ruling Questionnaire and send it to PeopleOps.
  3. The Team member will need to complete the wage tax form and email it to People Operations once completed.
  4. If the team member does not have a BSN number they will need to apply for one asap. Details on that process can be found under the BSN number section on the visas page in the handbook.
  5. PeopleOps will then send the payroll form, wage tax form and 30% ruling questionnaire to our payroll provider in the Netherlands along with the contract of employment, copy of the residence permit (if applicable), copy of the debit card, and passport. Then file the form in BambooHR. This email needs to be password protected.
  6. PeopleOPs will need to review if the position is in development or research, it likely qualifies for WBSO (R&D tax credit); add to the WBSO hour tracker and inform our WBSO consultant.
  7. Once the approved Visa and 30% ruling is received by the team member, the team members should email this to PeopleOps for filing in BambooHR.
  8. People Ops to create an account for the new team member on Expensify.
  9. People Ops to update the compensation calculator.
  10. People Ops to update BambooHR with employee details
  11. People Ops to update Payroll