Manage Team

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The responsibilities of this team are described by the Manage product category. Among other things, this means working on GitLab's functionality around user, group and project administration, authentication, access control, and subscriptions.

In GitLab issues, questions should start by @ mentioning the Product Manager for the Manage product category. GitLabbers can also use #g_manage.

How we work


We plan in monthly cycles in accordance with our Product Development Timeline. Release scope for an upcoming release should be finalized by the 1st. We use the following timeline:


Our planning process is reflected in boards that should always reflect our current priorities. You can see our priorities for backend and frontend engineering.

You can read more about prioritization on the direction page for the Manage stage of the DevOps lifecycle.

During the release

If a developer has completed work on an issue, they may open the prioritization board for their respective area (backend or frontend) and begin working on the next prioritized issue.

Issues not already in development should be worked on in priority order.


After the 8th, the Manage team conducts an asynchronous retrospective. You can find current and past retrospectives for Manage in