Category maturity

Not all categories are at the same level of maturity, which spans from minimal to usable to lovable. See below for where each category currently stands and when they will reach higher maturity levels (today, May 2019 Summit in New Orleans, or end of 2019).

  1. Minimal
    • At least a first iteration, but still a minimal solution.
    • Scaffolding or a foundation to build on so people internally and externally can see where we are going.
    • Validates our hypothesis for customer need by being used, but likely by a small share of instances or users.
  2. Viable
    • Used by users/customers to solve real problems.
    • Capable of displacing other devops tools when part of our single-application
  3. Complete
    • Contains a competitive feature set
    • Sufficient to act as a stand-alone replacement for other single-purpose devops tools
  4. Lovable
    • Provides an elevated user experience that customers love.
Category Minimal Viable Complete Lovable
Cycle Analytics Today   Summit 2019
DevOps Score Today   2019  
Audit Management Today   2019  
Authentication and Authorization Today   2019  
Code Analytics Planned 2019 Summit   2019  
Workflow Policies Planned 2019     2019  
Category Minimal Viable Complete Lovable
Project Management Today   Summit 2019
Agile Portfolio Management Today Summit 2019  
Kanban Boards Today   Summit 2019
Value Stream Management Planned 2019 Summit     2019
Quality Management Planned 2019     2019  
Requirements Management Planned 2019     2019  
Service Desk Today   2019  
Category Minimal Viable Complete Lovable
Source Code Management       Today
Code Review     Today Summit
Wiki     Today  
Snippets Today      
Web IDE Today Summit   2019
Design Management Planned 2019 Summit   2019  
Live Coding Planned 2019     2019  
Category Minimal Viable Complete Lovable
Continuous Integration (CI)       Today
Code Quality Today   Summit  
Performance Testing Today Summit    
System Testing Planned 2019     2019  
Usability Testing Planned 2019 Summit   2019  
Accessibility Testing Planned 2019     2019  
Compatibility Testing Planned 2019     2019  
Category Minimal Viable Complete Lovable
Container Registry   Today 2019  
Maven Repository Today Summit    
NPM Registry Today   2019  
Rubygem Registry Planned 2019     2019  
Linux Package Registry Planned 2019     2019  
Helm Chart Registry Planned 2019 Summit   2019  
Dependency Proxy Planned 2019 Summit   2019  
Category Minimal Viable Complete Lovable
SAST Today Summit   2019
DAST Today Summit   2019
Dependency Scanning Today Summit   2019
Container Scanning Today   Summit 2019
License Management Today     2019
Secret Detection Planned 2019     2019  
IAST Planned 2019 2019      
Fuzzing Planned 2019 2019      
Category Minimal Viable Complete Lovable
Continuous Delivery (CD)     Today 2019
Release Orchestration Today   Summit  
Pages     Today 2019
Review apps     Today 2019
Incremental Rollout Today   2019  
Feature Flags Today Summit    
Release Governance Planned 2019     2019  
Category Minimal Viable Complete Lovable
Auto DevOps Today   Summit 2019
Kubernetes Configuration Today Summit    
ChatOps Today   2019  
Runbook Configuration Today   2019  
Serverless Today   2019  
PaaS Planned 2019     2019  
Chaos Engineering Planned 2019     2019  
Cluster Cost Optimization Planned 2019 Summit   2019  
Category Minimal Viable Complete Lovable
Metrics Today Summit    
Logging Today   2019  
Cluster Monitoring Today Summit    
Tracing Today   2019  
Error Tracking Today   2019  
Synthetic Monitoring Planned 2019   2019    
Incident Management Planned 2019 Summit   2019  
Status Page Planned 2019     2019  
Category Minimal Viable Complete Lovable
Runtime Application Security Planned 2019   Summit    
IDS/IPS Planned 2019 2019      
Honeypots Planned 2019 2019      
Storage security Planned 2019 2019      
SIEM Planned 2019 2019      
Data loss prevention Planned 2019 2019      
Cyber Threat Hunting Planned 2019 2019      
UEBA Planned 2019 2019