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Product Leadership

This document describes important leadership concepts specific to the product management team. See also our page on general GitLab leadership guidance.

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Product Manager/Director Collaboration

As a product team leader, it's important to set the tone for the organization. We put our PMs individually in the forefront as Directly Responsible Individuals (DRI), with the trust and power that they can make the right decisions with our support as product leaders. This section is intended to outline some best practices for working between PMs and their directors. It contains guidance on responsibilities and expectations the director should have in working with PMs, but is not intended to be hard and fast rules that take the place of having a strong working relationship and prioritizing things effectively together.

Note that this is intended as a supplement to the product director job description, with specific focus on the interaction between PMs and their directors. General director responsibilities can be found at that link.

An effective product director should: