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Matt Gonzales' README


Matt Gonzales, Senior Product Manager Hey there! My name is Matt Gonzales and I'm obsessed with video games, tacos, learning, product management, and startups. In no particular order, these things compromise most thoughts in my day and are what drive me. Yes. Tacos literally drive me some days.

I also want to provide an honest assessment of myself, as best I can, to help others work with me. If you've never worked with me before this page will be especially helpful. If you have or currently work with me, this page will probably be less helpful but maybe there will be some eureka! moments.

Please feel comfortable opening an MR to add to this page if you feel I've left something out. Like an egregious oversight of how often I wear sweatpants during colder days, of which there's probably 3 in Texas.

About me

I'm really really really ridiculously good loo- passionate about startups and technology. The singular thing that drives me: improving the quality of life for people through the decisions I make as a product management professional. I want to share my excitement and passion with the people I work with and I do everything I can to be as inclusive as possible.

How you can help me

My working style

What I assume about others

What I want to earn

Communicating with me




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