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Technical Writing Team

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The primary goal of the Technical Writing team is to continuously develop GitLab's product documentation content to meet the evolving needs of all users and administrators.

Documentation is intended to educate readers about features and best practices, and to enable them to efficiently configure, use, and troubleshoot GitLab. To this end, the team also manages the site and related process and tooling.

Our team comprises:

Technical writers partner with anyone in the GitLab community who is concerned with documentation, especially developers, who are typically the first to update docs for the GitLab features that they code.

The technical writing team Slack channel is #docs-team and technical writers are also active in the larger #docs channel (both private to GitLab Inc.).


Technical writers:

For more information on documentation at GitLab, see:


The team is broadly responsible for the following at GitLab.


Documentation Content, including:


Documentation Site ( including maintaining and enhancing the documentation site’s:


Documentation Process, including:


Collaboration, including:

This work is sorted into the top-level Documentation epics linked above.


Technical writers (aka "TWs" or "docs team") are assigned to and collaborate with other teams and groups as described in the DevOps stages table below.

Each writer is the go-to person for their assigned stage group. They collaborate with other team members to plan new documentation, edit existing documentation, review any proposed changes to documentation, suggest changes to the microcopy exposed to the end-user, and generally partner with subject matter experts in all situations where documentation is required.

Section Stage Group Technical writer
Dev Manage Access Evan Read
Dev Manage Compliance Evan Read
Dev Manage Import Evan Read
Dev Manage Analytics Evan Read
Dev Plan Project Management Russell Dickenson
Dev Plan Portfolio Management Russell Dickenson
Dev Plan Certify Russell Dickenson
Dev Create Source Code Marcia Ramos
Dev Create Knowledge Marcia Ramos
Dev Create Editor Marcia Ramos
Dev Create Gitaly Axil
Dev Create Gitter Axil
CI/CD Verify Continuous Integration Marcel Amirault
CI/CD Verify Runner Evan Read
CI/CD Verify Testing Evan Read
CI/CD Package Package Axil
Secure Secure Static Analysis Axil
Secure Secure Dynamic Analysis Axil
Secure Secure Composition Analysis Axil
CI/CD Release Progressive Delivery Marcia Ramos
CI/CD Release Release Management Marcia Ramos
Ops Configure Orchestration Evan Read
Ops Configure System Evan Read
Ops Monitor APM Axil
Ops Monitor Health Axil
Defend Defend Runtime Application Security Axil
Defend Defend Threat Management Axil
Defend Defend Application Infrastructure Security Axil
Growth Growth Acquisition Russell Dickenson
Growth Growth Conversion Russell Dickenson
Growth Growth Expansion Russell Dickenson
Growth Growth Retention Russell Dickenson
Growth Growth Fulfillment Russell Dickenson
Growth Growth Telemetry Russell Dickenson
Enablement Enablement Distribution Axil
Enablement Enablement Geo Evan Read
Enablement Enablement Memory Mike Lewis
Enablement Enablement Ecosystem Mike Lewis
Enablement Enablement Search Russell Dickenson
Enablement Enablement Database

For collaboration not related to the DevOps stages:

Subject Technical writer
Development guidelines Marcia Ramos
Applications/Partners Marcia Ramos
Technical writing handbook Mike Lewis
Other Mike Lewis


Technical writers are assigned for merge request reviews (of both team members and community contributors) according to the stage groups they are assigned.

Documentation process


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