Community Writers Program - Terms and Conditions

Community Writers Program - Terms and Conditions

For an overview, please check the Community Writers Program webpage.

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Purposes of the Program

The Community Writers Program has the purpose of producing high-quality resources to:

Publishing Technical Articles

Technical Articles live in the GitLab Documentation website. To guarantee that we maintain high quality and high accuracy, every piece of content is submitted to review and approval from the Community Writers Lead, or, in their absence, from one of the technical writers at GitLab.


Steps to Getting Published

The following stages are required to get your article published by GitLab.

1. Topic

2. Pre-assessment

Note: if you just comment in the issue and don't provide us with a writing sample and the introduction of the article, we will not respond to your comment.

3. Draft

4. Evaluation

5. Review

6. Merge Request

7. Get Published and Get Paid

Compensation Criteria

Once you get approved to submit your content in a merge request, we will inform you about the compensation range your article is eligible to. If you agree with compensation offered, you can submit the merge request.

The offer will be based on the complexity and/or knowledge level of your content:

Complexity Knowledge Level Compensation Range
Simple Beginner $50 to $100
Intermediary Intermediate $100 to $150
Complex Advanced $150 to $200

The overall evaluation is based on these criteria, but the reviewer will consider your article as a whole to define the compensation offer.

The amount is expressed in American Dollars (USD).

Evaluation Criteria

The content will be evaluated based on:

Content Ownership

Note: Once the content is published, GitLab reserves the right to change, rewrite, update, and remove the content totally, at GitLab's will.


If the content gets out-of-date, we may ask the author to update it. GitLab reserves the right to update it, rewrite it (subjected to authorship updates), or remove it entirely.

Time Frame

Once you're approved to write the draft on the pre-assessment stage, we expect you to have the content ready to be sent to us up to three working days after our response.

We expect to have your content published up to one month after the beginning of the process. It can be concluded faster than that, or slower, depending on the actual demand of work from our editors, and on the quality of your content.


You are considered ineligible for the Community Writers Program:

Program Manager

The Community Writers Program is part of the Technical Writing Team at GitLab. Marcia Ramos, the Community Writers Lead, manages the program.

Our technical writers are also experienced editors, who will provide authors with feedback, proofreading, and copyediting.

Important Notes

Last update: 2017/04/10