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Types of Accounts

Accounts Created in Salesforce utilizing CE Usage Ping Data

The CE Usage ping provides GitLab with some limited insight into how end users are utilizing the platform. The raw information is cleaned, enriched and then pushed to SFDC as an Account by the BizOPS team.

If there is not an existing account match in Salesforce, a new account record will be created with the following information populated:

SFDC Field Default Value
Account Name  
Number of Employees  
Billing Street  
Billing City  
Billing Zip  
Billing Country  
Account Type Prospect - CE User
Account Website  
Industry Populated by Clearbit
Active CE Users Populated by Usage Ping
CE Instances Populated by Usage Ping
Account Ownwer Sales Admin by Default
Using CE Checked True


  1. Sales Team members can use this data to proactively identify Prospect - CE User accounts that fit their target segement(s). Accounts owned by Sales Admin can be adopted by a Sales Team member changing ownership in Salesforce. The adoption of any Sales Admin owned records will trigger an email alert that is sent to the Account Research Specialist for transparency and awareness of what account records have been claimed.
  2. The Account Research Specialist will be responsible for reviewing the Prospect - CE User accounts on a regular basis to determine additional account records that should be worked either by a Sales Team member or Outbound SDR.
  3. When an account record has been identified for follow up, the Account Research Specialist will work with the appropriate Regional Director (RD) to determine Outbound SDR assignment based on work load and available capacity.
  4. The assigned Outbound SDR will work the Prospect - CE User account the same as any other known CE User account leveraging the tools at their disposal (DiscoverOrg, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, etc) to add contacts to the account record and populate the firmographic profile of the account.

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