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Sales Qualification Questions

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The following questions can be used to help develop the opportunity and advance the buying decision. These questions are grouped based on sales stages.

Target Buyer Persona: CIO/, CTO, VP of Application Development, Product Owner, App Developer/DevOps Engineer

  1. Qualification Stage
    • What led you to look at GitLab?
    • What are you currently using for continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD)?
      • Example: Bitbucket, GitHub, Perforce, etc.
    • Describe the projects that your dev teams are working on.
    • How would you describe your maturity level/progress in terms of continuous integration and continuous delivery?
      • Is this something your group and company are looking to strive towards?
      • What has prevented this move so far?
    • How are you using CE right now, if applicable? check to identify if their company is on CE
    • What problems are they looking to solve?
      • If these problems are not solved, what happens? What are the implications of these problems?
    • Please describe your DevOps stack. What tools are you currently using?
      • Bug Tracker (Issue Tracker)
      • CI
      • Code Review
      • Deployment
        • Containers
        • Microservices
        • Kubernetes
      • Project Management/Agile Tools
    • What challenges (if any) are you experiencing with your current DevOps stack implementation and execution?
    • Where is this interest/initiative coming from? (At the top or only this lead - is it company, unit, or personal interest. The higher the initiative, the more likely to close and quickly)
    • What is the timing to purchase?
    • What are the requirements you have for this project?
      • What does success look like?
      • What will you be evaluating?
    • Are you considering other Git-based offerings? If so, who?
    • Do you have a budget allocated to a solution?
    • What is your role and what do you do?
      • Ideal Roles: Infrastructure/Cloud/Enterprise Architects, Dev Ops, System Admin/Engineer, IT Managers/Directors, Release Engineer , VP Engineering
    • How would you describe what your group does?
    • How large is your group? (Goal is to find out who will use GitLab and how large the opportunity could be)
    • Are other groups using Git?
      • If no, why not? and what Version Control Systems are they using?
      • If yes, who are they using?
    • Does each team/group purchase their own solutions or is their a department who does this?
      • If a centralized department, what is that groups name?
  2. Additional qualification questions if prospect signed up for free trial. (Goal: Know how to ensure a successful trial)
    • How would you and your organization describe a successful trial?
    • What are the most important criteria in your evaluation?
    • How many users are you interested in deploying on GitLab?
    • Are you evaluating any other tools?
    • What is your timeframe for making a decision?
    • Are you looking to bring one division of your company on to EE?
      • If only a group, what is preventing you from bringing on the entire company at this time?
  3. Opportunity Development Questions (Goal: develop their implicit and explicit needs. Why they must make a decision)
    • How is security testing currently done in your organization?
    • What is the current process for finding vulnerabilities around Static Application Security Testing, Dependency Scanning, and/or License Management?
    • Do you have cloud-native initiatives? If so, what solutions are you exploring (i.e., Kubernetes)?
    • Describe your strategy for increasing the frequency of app deployments. What is the impact?
    • Where does high availability rank within your needs?
    • If competing against GitHub, review the battle card and discovery questions here.
    • If using Jira,
      • Describe your current implementation of Jira within your organization.
      • What are some of the challenges you have with Jira (if any)?
    • If selling against Jenkins, review the battle card and discovery questions here.
    • What is the financial impact on your organization/teams budget with other test and review tools?
  4. Post Sale Account Development (Goal: Understand why they bought and use nuggets to further expand the sale and help with other sales)
    • How is the adoption of GitLab going?
    • What are you liking about GitLab EE?
    • What are you not liking or have questions about?
    • How has GitLab helped your group? What are their use cases?
      • improve code quality?
      • speed up code releases?
    • How many projects do they have?
    • Is there anything you or your team would like to see within GitLab?
    • Are you seeing any challenges with not having other groups using GitLab as well?
    • Are there other groups that you think would benefit using GitLab?
      • If yes, how would you suggest getting in contact with them?
    • How many of the provisioned licenses are being used?
      • If low adoption, Is there anything I can do to help you?
      • If high adoption of licences, Ask what their growth plans are and when they feel they will need to increase their seats?
    • Would you be willing to be a reference customer for GitLab? If so, how has GitLab helped you and your organization?