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Command of the Message


Force Management's definition of Command of the Message is "being audible ready to define your solutions to customers’ problems in a way that differentiates you from your competitors & allows you to charge a premium for your products & services.” Critical sales skills to demonstrate Command of the Message include:

GitLab Value Framework

Value Driver Description
Increase Operational Efficiencies Simplify the software development toolchain to reduce total cost of ownership
Deliver Better Products Faster Accelerate the software delivery process to meet business objectives
Reduce Security and Compliance Risk Simplify processes to comply with internal processes, controls, and industry regulations without compromising speed

Defensible Differentiators

  1. Single Application for Entire DevOps Lifecycle
  2. Leading SCM and CI in One Application
  3. Built In Security and Compliance
  4. Deploy Your Software Anywhere
  5. Optimized for Kubernetes
  6. End-to-End Insight and Visibility
  7. Flexible GitLab Hosting Options
  8. Rapid Innovation
  9. Open Source; Everyone Can Contribute
  10. Collaborative and Transparent Customer Experience

Resources: Core Content

Asset Title Why / When Use
GitLab Value Framework primary asset with in-depth information on GitLab's value drivers and defensible differentiators
GitLab Value Framework Summary 1-page quick guide, also great for sharing with internal champions
GitLab CXO Digital Transformation Discovery Guide 3-page conversation guide for executive discussions
Proof Points don't take our word for it–3rd party validation from customers, analysts, industry awards, and peer reviews

Proof Points are also en route to this WIP handbook page
NEW Customer deck based on GitLab value drivers alternative to the standard GitLab pitch deck that starts with the customer's perspective and aligns to the 3 value drivers. Video here

Command Plan

Resources: Additional Job Aids

GitLab sales professionals and Sales Development Reps (SDRs) may access additional information in the Force Management Command Center (password protected since resources contain Force Management intellectual property). In particular, the Channels section of the Force Management Command Center contains supplemental instructional videos, podcasts, and blogs).