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Customer Enablement

Customer Education Services

Customer Education Services are part of the Professional Services Team within GitLab Customer Success.


The primary mission is to plan and implement effective and scalable educational offerings to accelerate customer time to value and drive expanding product adoption.

Immediate Priorities

Long Term Goals

There is a wealth of online content available today on You Tube, the GitLab Handbook, GitLab Docs, and even through EdTech platforms such as Udemy. These content pieces are created by some of the best experts in the GitLab ecosystem, and they are effective for explaining the main concepts, principles, and procedures for using GitLab.

Customer Enablement recognizes that learning happens beyond the “explaining” stage in the journey to mastery. Checking for understanding, getting timely feedback, practicing new skills, and applying those skills on the job are each critical stages in the learning cycle. To facilitate this journey, learning experiences must be interesting, positive, and relevant to maintain the learner's attention and motivation towards mastery.

With these learning quality pillars in mind, Customer Enablement will formulate a comprehensive strategy and curriculum plan to efficiently offer GitLab customers effective and scalable online learning experiences. The forward-looking plan may include considerations for more prescriptive, formalized learning paths leading to GitLab certifications.