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Sales Operations

How to Communicate with Us

Slack: #sales-support Salesforce: @sales-Support


Sales Operations is a part of Field Operations. We aim to help facilitate new and existing processes throughout our field organization via the use of systems, policies, and direct support. Sales Operations is responsible for the following key areas:

Sales Support - Deal Desk and Sales Operations

The GitLab Sales Support team includes two groups: Deal Desk and Sales Operations.

The Deal Desk team is comprised of in-field resources aligned to the time zones of our sales team.


First touch within 4 business hours Resolution or escalation within 24 business hours

Typical Inquiries to Sales Support May Include

Flat Renewal Support

Flat Renewal Support - Which Opportunities Qualify

How to Request Flat Renewal Support

  1. Go to an Opportunity which meets the renewal support criteria
  2. Click on the Flat Renewal Support button

What Happens When Flat Renewal Support is Requested

  1. A case is created within Salesforce
  2. Deal Desk team is notified of case creation
  3. If the request does not meet flat renewal support criteria, the Deal Desk team will notify the requestor on the Opportunity chatter
  4. Request will be processed according to the sales order processing guidelines
  5. Deal Desk team will chatter on the opportunity when the renewal is processed

Updating Zuora and Salesforce Quote Templates

In order to update quote templates that are used in Salesforce, and pulled in from Zuora, please reference the below resources provided by Zuora.

  1. General overview to update quote templates
  2. Leveraging mail merge fields to update templates - This must be completed in Microsoft word and saved accordingly
  3. Reference the merge fields that are supported
  4. How to displaty multiple quote charges in a table
  5. Uploading to Zuora and connect to Salesforce