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Deal Desk

Welcome to The Deal Desk Handbook


The Deal Desk team's mission is to streamline the opportunity management process while acting as a trusted business partner for field sales. We are the first point of contact for sales support.

Key Focus Areas

Sales Support

Deal Desk SLA

The Deal Desk team will do their best to respond to each request within 4 hours. Revenue generating, current quarter requests will take priority, especially during Month & Quarter End. If a task is not resolved within 24 hours it will be escalated (if necessary).

Type of Request First Response Resolution
Basic Quote Assistance 6 Hours 8 Hours
Ramp Deal 6 Hours 24 hours
Flat Renewal 6 Hours 24 Hours
IACV Calculation 6 Hours 24 Hours
Contract Reset / Co-Term 6 Hours 24 Hours
RFP/Vendor Forms 6 Hours Dependent on AM
Deal Desk - A Global Presence

The Deal Desk team is located around the world and will be available during standard business hours within most regions.




Salesforce Chatter Communication

Deal Desk's primary communication channel is Salesforce Chatter. When you chatter @Sales-Support, it will automatically create a case in the Deal Desk queue. Deal Desk team members monitor the queue throughout the day and will respond to a case within 6 hours, Monday-Friday, with the exception of National/Regional holidays. Resolution or escalation will occur within 24 hours.

To Chatter the DD team, tag @Sales-Supportin Chatter on the related opportunity or account page and a short sentence on your request. If the Deal Desk team needs more information, we will follow up directly via Chatter.

Please avoid tagging Deal Desk team members directly in chatter, instead use @Sales-Support to ensure coverage in case the DD team member who replied first is unavailable. If someone is working on a case, they will continue to support until the case is closed. If an issue has been resolved, please chatter @Sales-Support to reopen a case.

Slack Communication
Primary Slack Channel

Use our Slack channel in case of general, non-record related requests and/or urgent questions: #sales-support [If the request is related to a quote, opportunity, or acccount - please chatter on the page in Salesforce instead of the Slack channel.]

Slack Best Practices

Please avoid contacting the DD team members directly via Slack. Utlizing the channel is best to ensure timely coverage and helps others who may have simliar questions.

In cae of a specific opportunity or quote related question please use SF Chatter (see section Salesforce Chatter Commnunication)

Slack Announcements

Desk Desk process updates and announcements will be communicated via #sales and #sales-support Slack channels.

Deal Desk Office Hours

Weekly Deal Desk Office Hours are scheduled each Wednesday at 12 PM EST. During Month End, Office Hours will take place on Monday,Wednesday, and Friday, scheduled in both AMER and EMEA time zones. Calendar invites will be sent to Sales-All Distribution group. Priority will be given to opportunities closing within the quarter.

Supported topics include:

IACV + Renewals

Calculating IACV

To calculate IACV, please review the IACV page of the handbook. Alternatively, please chatter @Sales-support on the opportunity for assistance in calculating IACV.

You can also use this calculator to estimate the IACV for renewals.

Flat Renewal Support

**Please note that Flat Renewal Support has been decommissioned due to sever under utilization and inefficiencies in the process. To create a Flat Renewal quote, please review the Quote Configuration Guide below.

Duplicate Opportunity Management - Web Direct Purchase vs. Sales Accepted Opportunity

To ensure SDRs receive proper credit for purchases made via the web portal, but which relate to active sales accepted opportunities, Deal Desk will follow the below processes:

If the Opportunity Close Date is in the current month:
If the Opportunity Close Date is in a previous month:

Zuora Quote Configuration Guide

1. New Subscription Quote

Training Video Placeholder - Coming in February

A. Open the New Business opportunity and click the “New Quote” button.

B. When prompted select “New Subscription” and click “Next.”

C. Provide Quote, Account, and Subscription Term Details and click “Next.”

D. Select “Add Base Products” from the drop-down menu on the “Edit Products and Charges” page. Select the correct product and click Next.

2. Amend Subscription Quote

Training Video Placeholder - Coming in February

Note: This quote type should be used when new users are being added to an existing subscription. This includes both additional licenses to existing products, and true-ups. This also includes any scenario where the products are being changed during the term - i.e., an upgrade from Premium to Ultimate.

A. Add-On Quote Creation

B. Upgrade or Switch Products During the Subscription Term

3. Renew Subscription Quote

Training Video Placeholder - Coming in February

A. Standard Renewal

B. Renewal Using a New Subscription Quote

Note: Certain renewals require a New Subscription quote. The most common scenario is if you are changing the term as of the renewal date - i.e. changing from an annual plan to a multi-year plan.

C. Contract Reset

Note: Contract Resets are used to perform an "Early Renewal" - i.e. start a new 12 month subscription before the renewal date.

D. Add-On + Early Renewal

4. Professional Services Quote

Training Video Placeholder - Coming in February

A. Create a standalone Professional Services Opportunity.

B. Creating a Professional Services Quote with Standard Product SKUs

C. Creating a Professional Services Quote with Custom SKUs

D. Before submitting a Professional Services Opportunity for Closure:

How to Process a Professional Services SOW Amendment (Change Order)

Occasionally, changes will be made to a Custom SOW after an opportunity has been booked. These changes could include delivery (invoice) schedules or types of services delivered. The total value of the opportunity should not change. If the total value of an opportunity changes, this will require an internal refund and rebooking of the order.

If the total value of the opportunity has not changed:

5. Multi-Year Deals

Training Video Placeholder - Coming in February

A. Note: In the case of multi-year deals, the Initial Term” should be updated to reflect the number of months in the term - 24, 36, 48, etc. Also, select the correct Product (i.e. for a 2 year Starter deal, select “Starter - 2 Year”).

B. If annual payments are requested for multi-year deals, use the 1 Year product. Note that annual payments must be approved in chatter by Paul Machle.

C. Note: If annual payments are approved, create a separate opportunity and quote for each year of the subscription. A three-year deal with an annual payment schedule will have 3 separate opportunities and quotes reflecting each year of the subscription. Work with @Sales-Support in Chatter if needed

6. Ramp Deals

Training Video Placeholder - Coming in February

A. To create a ramp deal, tag @Sales-Support in chatter on the opportunity. Provide the following information for each ramp period:

B. Request template:

C. Note: Deal Desk will create the quotes and Order Form.

7. Opportunities Requiring Multiple Invoices

If an opportunity requires multiple invoices due to a specific professional services delivery schedule or approved annual payment terms, a separate opportunity is required for each invoice period. Each opportunity should reflect the amount to be invoiced, not the total value of the deal.

Ex. Professional Services Deal -Opportunity amount $300,000. 4 Deliverables are outlined in the Custom SOW to the customer, each deliverable includes a different date for delivery. This requires 4 opportunities because the customer will be invoiced after completion of each deliverable.

How to Create Opportunities for Multiple Invoices
8. Miscellaneous (But Important) Information

Training Video Placeholder - Coming in February

A. To add users to an existing license at a different price, please add the users on a new, separate product line.

B. To create a true-up/add-on quote for a multi-year deal, please add both the true-up and increase the license count by the same number of users. Note that the user number cannot decrease during the term of a multi-year deal - i.e. in the case of a three-year deal, if the customer exceeds the 100 license count by 25 users, (1) True-Up SKU with 25 users, and (2) increase the license quantity from 100 to 125.

C. If the customer signs a renewal quote, but a true-up is required before the renewal date, create an add-on opportunity from the closed renewal opportunity, use the same start date as the renewal, and add the necessary true-up.

D. If you have multiple quote objects under one opportunity, the quote you are using must be marked Primary.

Monthly Bookings Close Process

The Monthly Bookings Close involves Billing, Deal Desk, Sales Analytics, and Finance. The Deal Desk close process is below.

Bookings Close Process Overview
  1. Reconcile Renewal Renewal ACV
  2. Reconcile Web Direct Purchases vs. Upcoming Renewals
  3. Reconcile Missing Product Categories on Opportunities
  4. Reconcile Last Month's True-Ups
  5. Reconcile Compensation File
1. Reconcile Renewal ACV

A. Purpose:

Review all Closed Won/Closed Lost renewals to confirm/correct the Renewal ACV and Renewal Amount fields.

B. Process:

2. Reconcile Web Direct Purchases Against Upcoming Renewals

A. Purpose:

Confirm whether subscriptions are net new, or whether customers have simply created a new subscription instead of renewing their existing subscription.

B. Process:

3. Reconcile Missing Product Categories on Opportunities

A. Purpose:

Add all products to the opportunity record for Closed Won and Closed Lost renewals.

B. Process:

4. Reconcile Last Month's True Ups

A. Purpose:

Map any sales-assisted deals with true-ups into the True-Up Value field on the Opportunity object to comply with Revenue Recognition requirements.

B. Process:

5. Reconcile Compensation File

A. Purpose:

Review ownership of opportunities to ensure that each opportunity is attributed to the correct team (Region + Segment) for compensation purposes, as these fields will be pushed into CaptivateIQ and will determine commission.

B. Process:

Account Owner Team (O) Owner Team (O) SA Team - Xactly
Public Sector Public Sector Public Sector
US East US East US East
US West US West US West
MM - East, MM - West, MM - EMEA, MM - APAC MM - East, MM - West, MM - EMEA, MM - APAC MM - East, MM - West, MM - EMEA, MM - APAC
SMB - US, SMB - International SMB - US, SMB - International SMB - US, SMB - International