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Sales Operations Go To Market

Welcome to The Sales Operations GTM Page!

The purpose of this page is to centralize and document all key Go To Market policies & links for ease of use.

Account Ownership Rules of Engagement

Territory Tables

Territory Success Planning (TSP)

TSP is a combination of Salesforce Automation and business processes to help us manage our ever growing Account database. They allow us to ensure our territories are accurately reflected in SFDC as well as give visibility into "where this account is going next."" TSP fields are designed to be real time reflections of the best data we have, not necessarily the current Go To Market approach.

For instance, an account currently marked as Sales Segment = SMB is found to have more than 100 employees, the "TSP Segment" field will automatically reflect "MidMarket." This in and of itself does not change the Segment of the account, but allows us to track the "true" Segment of the Account and support future clean up.

LeanData compares TSP fields against Territories Live Gsheet and automatically determines the account's Territory and Territory Owner.

Firmographic TSP Fields

Ownership TSP Fields

TSP Data Hierarchy: Many TSP fields rely on a hierarchy of data to come to one final answer (ie, multiple address fields are combined into one). The first non-blank answer is selected based on the data sources below

  1. Manual Override - Admin
  2. Datafox
  3. DiscoverOrg
  4. SFDC standard field (in case of Address: Shipping then Billing)
  5. Manual Override - User

Cadence of Changes: On a quarterly basis, Sales Operations will update account Ownership and Segmentation based on the output of the TSP system in accordance with our Rules of Engagement.

Reporting for pending moves in/out of your name here: REPORT LINK

Account ownership change request process

To request an account ownership change (to you or to someone else), please follow the below process:

  1. Request
    • Enter your desired owner into “Requested Owner Name” field on Account. If request is for entire hierarchy, please make request on Ultimate Parent Account.
    • Enter your rationale for move (please be as detailed as possible) in “Requested Owner Rationale” Field
  2. Sales Operations Review: On a weekly basis, Sales Operations will review all account change requests.
  3. Sales Operations Response
    • Approved: “Next Account Owner” & “Next Owner Date” will be filled in by Sales Ops.
    • Rejected: Based on the Rules of Engagement, this request cannot be completed, rejection rationale will be included. If you find this incorrect, please escalate to your direct sales manager.
    • Needs Approval/More Information: Rationale is incomplete or requires input from other party (current owner or Sales Management)
  4. Account Ownership Updated: SFDC will automatically change ownership of the Account, child Accounts & related contacts to new owner on the “Next Owner Date.”