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Sales & Customer Success Onboarding

The Goals of Sales & Customer Success Onboarding

Sales onboarding at GitLab is a blended learning experience (virtual, self-paced learning path paired with an immersive, hands-on in-person workshop called Sales Quick Start) focused on what new sales team members need to KNOW, DO, and BE ABLE TO ARTICULATE within their first 30 days or so on the job so they are "customer conversation ready" and they are comfortable, competent, and confident leading customer engagements before the end of their first several weeks on the job. There are some formal learning components with a heavy emphasis on social learning (learning from others) and learning by doing to help bridge the knowing-going gap. Some of our learning goals pertaining to Sales Onboarding include:

Graduating from Sales Onboarding

In order to officially “graduate” from Sales Onboarding at GitLab, we have identified a few components that are considered milestones of achievement (many of these must be done concurrently to ensure completion):

Sales Roles:

Customer Success Roles:

Sales Onboarding Process

  1. The GitLab Candidate Experience team initiates a general GitLab onboarding issue for every new GitLab team member
  2. In the "Day 1 Accounts and Paperwork" section of the general GitLab onboarding issue, sales managers are instructed to create an Access Request (sales role-based templates are available in the list of template on this page)
  3. In the "Sales Division" section of that issue, Field Enablement is tagged with the action to add the new sales team member to the Sales Quick Start learning path in Google Classroom according to the SQS Workshop they plan to attend. They will be added to the learning path within their first week of joining GitLab. This learning path is designed to accelerate the new sales team member's time to productivity by focusing on the key sales-specific elements they need to know and be able to do within their first several weeks at GitLab.
  4. The new sales team member will receive an email prompting them to login to Google Classroom to begin working through the Sales Quick Start learning path
    • When possible, Sales Enablement will also update the new team member's onboarding issue and/or add a comment to explicitly reference the link to their Sales Quick Start learning path
    • In the "New Team Member" section, there is a specific action for the new hire to "Complete your Sales Quick Start learning path"
    • See what's included in the virtual, self-paced Sales Quick Start learning path in Google Classroom
    • Non-Sales team members can choose to add themselves to the SQS Google Classroom Master Learning Path regardless of role if interested in understanding what new Sales Team Members are expected to complete prior to attending an SQS Workshop (Sales team members will be added to their appropriate cohort’s Google Classroom Learning Path by Sales Enablement)

Targeted Sales & Customer Success Roles

Sales Development Reps (SDRs) have their own separate onboarding process (but many of the same elements are shared) and they attend SQS Workshops as well.

Sales Quick Start Workshop

Sales Quick Start Workshop Schedule

April 1-8, 2020 EMEA / APAC Virtual
May 2020 (exact dates TBD) AMERICAS Virtual

Swag for New Sales Team Members

As a part of Sales Onboarding, each new Americas Sales team member is allowed to order one Swag Marketing Kit through this form. As of right now, there is no Swag Marketing Kit available for our other regions, but the Marketing team is working towards developing one.

Sales & Customer Success Quick Start Pre-Work Learning Path

Sales Quick Start In-Person Workshop Agenda

This SQS 2020 Agenda sheet contains the most up to date agenda for our in-person Sales Quick Start Workshop. Please check the tabs at the bottom of this document to see each day's agenda. This agenda is subject to change based on the individual needs of the class and the availability of SMEs, but we will make every effort to surface those changes in this document.