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Francis Potter's README

Francis Potter - Solutions Architect

A little background

Collaboration Projects

I’m a big fan of the collaboration projects (for internal GitLab use only) and try to maintain one for each of the accounts that I work on. Everyone uses these differently, and I have my own unique style. Here are some guidelines I follow:

Customers & Prospects folders

I take a lot of notes. If I’m not talking on a customer call, I’m probably typing. All my notes go into a Google Doc in the Customers and Prospects (GitLab team members only) folder for that customer. In my opinion, that’s where all documents related to the customer should go - they are easy to find and the sharing settings are right. I also have a format that I always use:

I often give myself a task to prep for a call the day before. That means, if a call gets scheduled at the last minute, I might be on the call but less prepared. Generally it’s better if the SA is prepared! During prep, I’ll make sure there is a notes doc, there is a heading for the meeting on the notes doc, any background from Slack or email is in the section, any topics or agenda items we want to cover are listed, and sometimes I’ll even paste in LinkedIn URLs for participants. That way, we’re all ready to go.

Everyone uses these documents differently, and my intent is not to step on your way of doing things. So when I first join an account, I will use a light touch until I understand how you expect things if they are different. To date, nobody has complained.

But there’s one thing I will always correct - if the entries are out of order. They should be in reverse chronological order. If they aren’t, I can’t find anything!

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