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JC Choi here. Technical Instructional Designer for Professional Services.

My intention is to let team members know why I love to collaborate, why I think the entire idea of GitLab is phenomenal, and why I try everyday to let my work life live CREDIT. If you think that's over-corn, update this.

My one breath elevator pitch

I'm a dog person and even if you're not I know that there are many things about dogs you appreicate: loyalty their entire life, not overly attention-wanting but still attention-getting, and an amazing ability to be happy under all types of crappy situations. My ideals as a human walks on four legs and a wag.


I was diagnosed really late in life. In my community mental health is a topic that is avoided. And so for a period I found myself in those places we could never see ourselves. Homeless. Addicted. Jail. Isolated. So now I look to build alliance and community with people who need help, a hand up. When I found out about the Handbook and came across DIB, I reached up as high as I could and pulled on the universe's ear and whispered a few words that got me here.

Things I continue to do since my 20s

Why I always lose Trivia Night

You need me? Reach out. Anyway you want.

What I need from you

Written ideas on training

Published a couple articles on LinkedIn:

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