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Noria Aidam's README

Noria Aidam's README

Sales Developement Representative Enterprise EMEA

My working style

Response time for emails and meeting follow-ups: I will always do my best to provide same-day responses to customer inquiries and follow-ups unless otherwise noted.

Calendar: Schedule things as necessary right on my calendar during working hours — I'll do my best to keep my calendar up to date. However, if you see only one empty slot for a day or if it looks like the meeting would be back to back with something else, please check with me before confirming dates and times.

Continuous Learning: Things at GitLab move really fast, and I need time to keep up. I like to be in touch with the people I am working with, even if it's every 2 or 3 days, just so I m sure I am going to the right direction. Having clear instructions and being direct

What I assume about others

I assume that if there is anything you are expecting from me to do, it is clearly stated and written down somewhere that we both can access. Unless it is at the genesis of a particular ask, it is best to ensure that you and I agree that this is my task before others are engaged in our conversation.

What I want to earn

Trust, Confidence in my knowledge of the product, in the team and the organisation

Communicating with me

I will always try to be available for any queries or question and I'll do my best to always provide a same day answer. I am most responsive on:

  1. Slack (For me it is always preferable to call as it helps me get the message across quickly ,so do not hesitate to call me on slack unless there is no need and just a message is enough)
  2. Email

Don't hesitate to try a different medium if my response time is poor.


Strengths: resiliency, team player, good and active listener, consistent, adapt quickly

Weaknesses: Worrier, overcritical, perfectionist, overthinker

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