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Job Description

As a Sales Development Representative (SDR) you are focused on driving net new business for the company. We thrive on competition and our ability to cold call/email. You will be aligned with Account Executives (AE’s) to work a strategic list of 50-100 targeted accounts on a quarterly basis..


You will be expected to:

Working with AE’s

A good portions of your job requires you to work with assigned AE’s. This is key to our role as SDRs’ because they will not only help you create an appropriate strategy to go after specific accounts, but they will help you build your career as a future AE for GitLab. It is crucial that you build a relationship of honesty and trust.

Account Distribution

Account Management

SDR/AE Relationship


Criteria for a sales appointment

Ramping for new hires

Month 1:

Month 2:

Month 3+:

How to create an opportunity

Here are the steps for you to create an SDR opportunity along with SFDC hygiene when it comes to your opps. We want to make sure that it is very clear on what is going on with every opportunity and it is going to be up to you and your AE to make sure that everything is accurate within each opportunity you create.


Where to find the opportunity button

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Channel or Standard

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Opportunity Information

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A. Naming an opp
B. Account name
C. Type
D. Lead Source
F. Close Date
G. Stage


H. SQL Amount

Qualification Questions

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A. Prospect Indetified Need
B. What is Prospect Doing to Address Need
C. Is There a Budget Secured for Project
D. Who is the Decision Maker for GitLab
E. Buying Process for Procurring GitLab
F. Role Prospect Plays in Evaluation
G. Qualification Notes
H. What is the Timeline to Make the Decision
I. Interested in GitLab EE
J. Using Another Version of GitLab
K. How Many Seats are They Interested in
L. Meeting with an AE to Discuss Next Steps
M. Competitors

Salesforce Hygiene for your opportunites

SDR sourced opps This is the report that the leadership uses to see all the opps that have been created from the SDR team. I strongly recommend that you live in this report for the opps that you are creating. If you make sure that all the above information is as accurate as possible it will help you to not be under the microscope from your manager and the executive team.

I highly recommend also to stay on top of your AE’s to make sure they are progressing the opportunity from BDR qualified to Discovery stage to make sure you get paid on the opps that you are creating. All of the above steps and processes are only going to help you create healthy habits for when you become an AE.

It will be in your best interest to also sit in on as many meetings as possible with your different AE’s and at different stages in the buying process to see how the AE’s work with prospects beyond qualifying. The idea is to create a habits for success.