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Sales Training

GitLab Sales Learning Framework

GitLab sales team members are expected to be knowledgeable and proficient across a variety of topics, skills, behaviors, and processes. For ease of consumption, sales training resources are organized in the following 6 categories below. If you are looking for more immediate access to resources to support your selling efforts, please check out the Sales Resources page.

Category Description
GitLab Target Audiences Successful sales team members must have an intimate understand of ideal customer profiles, customer environments where opportunities for GitLab are most ripe, targeted buyer personas, industry-relevant insights, and more
Industry Topics & Trends To serve as a trusted advisor, GitLab sales team members must be able to competently and confidently engage with customers on topics like SDLC, SCM/VCS, open source & open core, DevOps, CI/CD, containers, Kubernetes, and more
Why GitLab GitLab sales team members must be able to clearly articulate a compelling, differentiated, value-driven message to customers, prospects, and partners
Competition To maximize opportunities, GitLab sales team members must demonstrate the knowledge and ability to beat out various competitors
GitLab Portfolio GitLab sales team members must understand how various elements of the GitLab portfolio (offering tiers, SDLC phases, services, training, etc.) solve customer challenges
Functional Skills & Processes To optimize productivity, GitLab sales team members must be able to consistently demonstrate the sales skills and behaviors (including adherence to standard processes and use of tools like Salesforce and others) that lead to desired outcomes

GitLab Target Audiences

Why GitLab?


GitLab Portfolio

Technical Skills

Functional Skills & Processes

Sales Enablement Sessions

Live sales enablement videocasts are held every Thursday from 12:00-12:30pm ET with the exception of the last two weeks of every quarter. Sessions are recorded and published to YouTube, made available for on-demand playback, and added to the inventory above. Learn more here.

Customer Success Skills Exchnage

Live customer success enablement videocasts are held every Wednesday, and delivered on a weekly basis alternating time slots every other week. Every two weeks they are delivered at 10:30-11:20am ET, and the alternating weeks are delivered at 2:00-2:50pm ET. Sessions are recorded and published to YouTube, and made available for on-demand playback.

SDR Coaching

Similar sessions are held for GitLab’s SDR team every Wednesday from 12:30-1:00pm ET. Learn more here.

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