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Sales Training

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GitLab Sales Learning Framework

GitLab sales professionals are expected to be knowledgeable and proficient across a variety of topics, skills, behaviors, and processes. For ease of consumption, sales training resources are organized in the following 6 categories below. If you are looking for more immediate access to resources to support your selling efforts, please check out the Sales Resources page.

GitLab Target Audiences

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GitLab Portfolio

Functional Skills & Processes

Sales Enablement Sessions

Live sales enablement videocasts are held every Thursday from 12:00-12:30pm ET with the exception of the last two weeks of every quarter. Sessions are recorded and published to YouTube, made available for on-demand playback, and added to the inventory above. Learn more here.

SDR Coaching

Similar sessions are held for GitLab’s SDR team every Wednesday from 12:30-1:00pm ET. Learn more here.

Additional Notes

Additional Sales Training Resources