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Customer Success Skills Exchange Sessions

Customer Success Skills Exchange Sessions

Upcoming Training

To see what training is coming soon, view the Customer Success Skills Exchange Issue Board.

Get an invite to the weekly session

To get a calendar invite to the weekly CS Skills Exchange, make sure you are added to the sales-cs email group

You can fill out an access request to request access to the email group. These groups are invited to the meeting so that each individual person does not need an invite.

How the CS Skills Exchange runs

Training Playlist

There are a few places to see previous CS Skills Exchange Sessions:

To request new cs skills exchange sessions

Scheduling trainings


For more information about Recording and Public/ Private YouTube videos, check out the Sales Enablement Sessions page.

Speaker Responsibiltiies

Moderator Responsibilities

The moderator should serve as the host of the call and overall wingperson for the presenter. The moderator monitors chat to raise questions to the presenter and searches for links that are mentioned on the call to make sure they get linked in the handbook page for the training.

Hello and welcome to today's cs skills exchange session. As a reminder we'll be posting this session to YouTube. Please remember to not share any private info such as the names of non-referenceable customers.

For today's GitLab CS Skills Exchange training we are pleased to have <speaker name> talk to us about <topic>. With that, I'd like to pass it over to <speaker name>