Customer calls

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Customer calls

Scheduled calls

We offer intake, upgrade and installation support for our customers. When these requests come in, you will schedule a call/screen sharing session with them and either guide them through the upgrade process or take control of the server yourself. You should make sure that the customer has a backup before you start the call, as they can take a lot of time to complete and you don't want to do them while in the call. You should also make sure you know as much as possible about the customer's instance as you can.

Important information to collect

  1. Type of installation: Source/Omnibus
  2. Current GitLab version
  3. Version you're upgrading to (it isn't always the latest)
  4. Use of GitLab CI (need to upgrade to 8.0 first, then 8.+)

We collect this information in Zendesk and link it to the organization, see the responding to tickets section in onboarding.

Unscheduled calls

While engaging with customers you should always be prepared to jump on a call with them. It is easier to get all the information you might need on a 20 minute call than on 10 2-minute emails. If a conversation goes through several back and forth emails and the problem still isn't close to being resolved, suggest a call via WebEx or Google Hangouts.

If you feel too inexperienced to handle a call, ask someone more experienced to handle the call and listen in if at all possible. After someone else had the call with the customer it is still your responsibility to handle the ticket as long as the ticket is still assigned to you.